Sunday, May 1, 2011

Timeless Bridal Beauty

So on Sat. afternoon I had the pleasure of working on a really unique wedding w/ a really fun Bride - Tina and her Mother in Law - Winnie.  What made this wedding so unique you ask?  Well to start it wasn't overly formal at all...almost just like a big party w/ all your fav. ppl coming together which I guess is what a wedding is suppose to be lol. 

Also, the couple were doing their pictures over at The Distillery District at around 5 before the ceremony which was actually at night.  But what really made this wedding unique was the fact that it was a Time Period costume party wedding...but it wasn't decade specific you could come dressed in ANY time period you wanted!  So as you can imagine the couple obviously has a bit of whimsy to them.  The bride didn't even have a Maid of Honour but a Man of Honour instead lol!

Originally, Tina was going to do a completely 20's themed wedding but couldn't find a dress that was 20's specific and good for a wedding dress but then she found this amazing 50's inspired dress and they decided to change things up and let their guests choose any time period they wanted. 

To be honest I'm really glad Tina went w/ a 50's style b/c her features were made for that style and the makeup just suited her so well...she wore the look, the look wasn't wearing her which if she went completely 20's I fear it might have b/c that's a lot more costumey style IMO then 50's which is much more classic.  That's one of the reasons I love that classic 50's look of a strong red lip and winged eyeliner so much - you totally recognize it as vintage but it still looks modern and wearable today!  I mean years from now when she's looking at her wedding pictures of course she'll know it was a vintage look but I don't think she'll ever have any regrets about it or think what was I thinking b/c the pictures will be timeless! 

I also did her hair and boy does she have a lot of it!  I actually did an authentic wet set pin curl and dried it using my portable hair dryer hood that you hook up to your hair dryer...check it out if you don't know what I'm talking about.  Really useful for weddings or shoots b/c then you can go on to makeup and don't have to stand over the person drying their hair w/ a hair dryer.  After it the hair was set I brushed in out and pulled it into half crescent style side bun and finished it off w/ the perfect headband accessory that she had.  Man if you want a strong curl that you can brush and manipulate I strongly suggest trying a wet set pin curl technique.

Overall, I was really happy w/ the way Tina looked in the end...esp. since I didn't actually get to do a trial on her beforehand.  We did meet up for a drink to discuss looks and ideas and to sign the contract (we lived right near each other before I moved) but I never physically did a trial on her so it can always be a bit nerve wracking when it's your first go at the bride and it's the actually wedding day!

I also did the makeup for her Mother in Law - Winnie which actually was a lot of fun and turned out really well IMO.  I'm not going to lie I was a bit nervous about it beforehand...she actually was doing the 20's theme and had this amazing flapper dress that looked fantastic on her.  It's not that I don't know how to do a 20's makeup or anything it's just it can as I mentioned be a bit costumey or sad clown looking and a bit harsh w/ the heavy heavy dark eyes (not always the best thing for more mature clients).  But I modified it a little and it worked out really well and she totally pulled it off!  For once it was actually good a client didn't have full brows b/c anyone who knows 20s knows the brows were basically just thin lines so I was able to do those really authentically.  I did the eyes in a softer purple/grey smokey style and I didn't rim the bottom w/ any shadow b/c I didn't want to make her eyes smaller looking.  The thing of course that really defines the 20s is of course the lips w/ that little bow lip.  I was able to really camouflage her natural lips well and make a really cute bow lip which just totally set the look!

I really hope Tina sends me some pictures of the wedding b/c they are bound to interesting, a little off the wall and totally different than any other wedding I've done yet lol!  Also excuse the quality of the couple of pictures I was able to get of the bride she was literally jetting out the door for pictures when I took them!

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