Thursday, September 1, 2011

Love Good Days - Shoot for Chatelaine, Gifts in the Mail and Cocktails w/ a Friend!

Yesterday was a particularly good day (beside 1 job being cancelled)...why you ask?  Well I started my morning off at a shoot for Chatelaine Magazine.  The photographer is the incredibly young and talented Caitlin Cronenberg.  First time I ever worked w/ her or for the mag so anytime I get to make new connections is a totally cool thing!  How did I get this hook up you ask?  Well my good friend Sian Melton (photographer/makeup artist/all around cool chick) was doing the makeup/hair for this shoot and since it was a group shot she needed a little extra help and she invited me to come along and partake in the fun.  It was totally laid back and it was actually a group shot for the Women of the Year section in Chatelaine coming out in Oct.  Really great experience b/c I got to work w/ a bunch of awesome, real women that do amazing things for their organization, city and country.  So inspiring and always fun to work w/ ppl that don't normally get "dolled up" b/c they appreciate it that much more.

So that filled up the morning and it went so great that we were all wrapped and good to go before 2 pm!  Got home (b/c as mentioned above my 2nd job was cancelled urrggh) and to my surprise there was a nice little package for me in the mail.  I LOVE getting packages in the mail!  I unwrapped it immediately to find the most beautiful cosmetic bag I think (actually I know) I've ever owned!  A couple of wks ago I was contacted by Yolanda about reviewing one of her BEAUTIFUL handmade cosmetic pouches.  The site is called This Magpie's Nest and she has a variety of gorgeous makeup pouches to choose between.  Many feature old style photographs on the front w/ old postcards on the back.  Really unique and eye catching!  I chose the Mrs. Wright...Wishing You Were Here!  As mentioned above it's handmade and measures 5X7 (very roomy), it has a zippered pouch and the postcard  is printed on Muslin.  The inside is lined w/ red fabric and I have to say it's all REALLY well made!  Not flimsy or cheap at all!  In fact I CAN'T BELIEVE she's selling these pouches for the LOW LOW price of $15/each...seriously I've seen things like this in stores for like $35 and up!  Also I just want to mention how beautifully it all came wrapped and packaged...seriously it would make a perfect gift for anyone!  It was wrapped in red tissue paper w/ twine wrapped around it and a Magpie's Nest tag.  I noticed the package smelled so good and on further inspection when I opened the pouch I realized there was some lavender inside...what a nice touch!

The Front

The Back


Btw she is offering a 20% discount to any of my readers that mention this post when they are ordering...that means these beautiful pouches would be only $12/each...seriously that's INSANE!!!

So after that my day was complete w/ a nice trip to one of my fav. drink spots in Yorkville - The Avenue.  Sipped some white wine and chatted it up w/ a friend!  Great end to my great day!

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