Thursday, September 29, 2011

Magic Hair Pad (Fringe Holder) Review

So here's a quick little review for a cute new little product - Magic Hair Pad - Fringe Holder.  I was sent this product to check out from the cool ppl over at Magic Hair Pad and it's actually a very useful product for us MUAs or anyone who has bangs (fringe) that gets in the way while they are doing makeup.

The pads come in 2 colours - Black or Pink (I picked Black) and basically they are just like mini velcro pieces that you use to hold the bangs off your face while you're doing your makeup.  The great thing about them is that they don't flatter or crimp your bangs like a clip might do.  I'm constantly pinning girl's hair off their faces when I'm doing their makeup so this is very useful b/c sometimes they've already had their hair done by me (or someone else) and I don't want to mess up their bangs by clipping them out of the way so I can work.

I've used the pads on a couple of my brides thus far and plain and simple they do what they are suppose to which is hold the bangs off the face lol.  There are 2 pads in a pack and they are really affordable at $7.00 a pack.

You can also use them when you're washing your face, using a face mask or pretty much anything where you need to have your bangs off your face.  So check them out I definitely think it's a neat little product!