Wednesday, September 21, 2011

She Howls

Literally, over a year ago I did a shoot w/ photographer Zach Hertzman, Stylist Alexandra Loeb and Models Julia K and Julia C (Elmer)...also just a side note my assistant for the day was Cassandra Forrester I did give her name w/ my credit information and I HATE when they don't credit things right!  You guys may remember I even wrote about it on this blog after the shoot!  Anyway, even though the shoot was really cool w/ lots of amazing clothes, photography and all that it had a HELL of a time being picked up happens.

Well out of the blue stylist Alexandra Loeb contacted me to let me know that it had been picked up by this magazine called LadyGunn!  Really cool magazine and it's even available in print! She had literally submitted it to them eons ago so it was a big surprise to hear from them...but a nice one!  They printed the whole story and overall it looks pretty good.  There are some things I would change w/ the Makeup & Hair and I def. don't think it's by any means my strongest work but you know what it's been a year so of course I've grown and evolved (and hopefully improved).  Plus I was experimenting w/ some techniques and styles and that's all necessary to grow as an artist so even though I don't think it's my best I think it's good to share it w/ you.

It's weird to see an editorial I did SO LONG AGO finally come out...I remember it was VERY hot that day and the girls were such troopers wearing fur and everything.  The heat and timing of everything def. led to some complications but like I've said before live and learn.  One thing I do still like is the wicked nails I shaped and created for Julia K (the "dark" one).  I gotta create some cool nails again for another shoot!

So here it is - ENJOY!


lelo said...

i love it.

Victoria Steele said...

omg i actually remember when you did this, has it really been over a year? i still think it looks great. congrats on it being published. xx

mavick3nook said...

I'm amaze about the makeup and to the artist. I like it so much. thanks for the post.