Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rebel Baby - Marta Pacek

In between weddings and more weddings every weekend I sometimes like to sneak in the odd job that doesn't involve a bride, a veil or a white dress.  Last Sat. I got this opportunity when I was approached by photographer Robert Rafton to help work on the new Album cover for Singer/Songwriter Marta Pacek's album Rebel Baby.

Marta, who originally hails from Australia is an indie singer/songwriter w/ a sort of country/folk feel to her music.  Strong on storytelling her music has a sort of moody and intimate feel to it.  She had a different cover for her new album Rebel Baby originally but after some advice from some industry insiders she wanted to showcase something that was a bit more raw w/ a bit more sex appeal and to break away a bit from her "good girl" image.

Marta still wanted to keep the makeup very clean.  Very minimal dewey foundation, some mascara a bit of lip colour and some contouring/bronzer on the cheeks was basically everything.  The biggest thing I did was make her brows a bit more full and dark then they normally were.

For clothes Marta had a whole sort of gipsy/saloon girl thing which matched perfectly w/ the location photographer Robert Rafton found.  It was in some park and there was a log cabin as our backdrop...sorry I can't tell you more...I don't actually know where I was lol.

I can tell you though there were a shit load of mosquitoes that went to town on my face and body.  Mosquitoes LOVE me!  And unfortunately I react a bit more severely to mosquito bites than the average person.  Right near the end of the shoot I got a bite right on the corner of my lower lip.  I looked like some botched lip injection patient...w/ only HALF my lip swollen.  Which wouldn't have been THAT bad except I had one of my best friend's 30th b-day party to attend that night!  Thank God for dark lighting and matte nude lipstick!  Seriously my lip was swollen for like 10 hrs...No Joke!

Here's some behind the scenes photos courtesy of Neil - Marta's friend!  Gotta LOVE iPhone pics!  Can't wait to see the album cover when it comes out!

Me doing my thing!

I'm not a smoker and I know it's wrong but I love smoking pics!

I'm covering myself w/ a towel b/c 1. Trying to protect myself from Mosquitoes lol 2. It got kind of chilly

And just for laughs - here's my lip like 3 HRS AFTER the bite!  It actually looked WAY worse than the picture shows lol!  I know what a WEIRD spot to get least I can laugh about it now...I was NOT impressed than lol!


Darcie said...

Aww you poor thing!! That looks painful. I know how you feel though, Mosquitos eat me alive as well, I still have bites from a shoot a month ago! The shoot looked awesome, can't wait to see the album cover!

MoonRae said...

Bless your heart....Mosquitos also LOVE me and I have terrible reactions to them too. Looks like they like you,Darcie and me cause we're pretty fair skinned...
Thanks for sharing shots of the shoot