Tuesday, October 11, 2011

L'Oreal La Couleur Infallible Eyeshadow Review

I know I've been slacking on the blogging lately...my apologies it's just been a busy time of year...still lots of weddings, my upcoming b-day...life...you know all the fun things!  FYI I'm already booking weddings into next Summer...if you want me for your wedding you better get on it ;)

Anyway, a little while ago I was contacted to review some of the new L'Oreal La Couleur Infallible Eyeshadows and of course I said I was game.  When they arrived I was shocked at what they sent.  I was expecting 1 eyeshadow to review and instead I got this gorgeous little box w/ 9 FULL SIZE eyeshadows!

How Pretty is THIS!

I should mention right away they are actually more like pigments then eyeshadows and they come w/ a screw off lid on the back.  But they are actually kind of pressed together somewhat tightly b/c of this cap that goes over the eyeshadow so they aren't as loose and messy as a lot of pigments.  What's great about the texture is that it's a hybrid between a cream and a powder and it has a very velvety texture and feel.

So I wanted to use these several times before I reviewed them and I have now used them on myself and on a couple of brides and I will just say I LOVE these eyeshadows!  The colour payoff is seriously insane!  They are so intense and long lasting...and not just compared to a drug store brand I mean compared to a lot of professional brands as well!  The fact that you can get them at your local drug store is just a huge bonus!  FYI in Canada they retail for about $10.99/each or so....don't know about anywhere else.

One thing that tends to bug me about pigments is the fallout on to the face but overall I don't think it's too bad w/ these...as long as you firmly press your brush into the shadow beforehand and give it a little tap before you use it I think you should be fine.

Some other benefits of the eyeshadow is that they have a 24 long lasting hold and are smudge, rub and blink resistant (plus I would say they hold up to creasing very well).  They say they are waterproof...I would probably go w/ more water resistant but still that's pretty impressive....so therefore especially useful for your crying brides!  And as mentioned before the colour payoff and intensity is just insane!

The only thing I'm not crazy about and it's just b/c I'm a professional makeup artist and not just a consumer using the product on myself is the packaging.  It's great if it's just in your own personal makeup kit but of course for me you know I'm all about condensing my kit and as you can imagine these 9 eyeshadows would actually take up a lot of space in my kit.

I did swatches of the 9 colours I received using a dry brush and a damp brush b/c sometimes you know the eyeshadows or pigments will just be a lot more vibrant if you use a damp brush to apply but w/ these I don't even think that's necessary unless you wanted to b/c even w/ a dry brush the colour is just so good!

Below are the swatches.  The Left (usually wider swatch) is always the damp brush swatch while the Right is the dry brush swatch!

Time Resist White 
As you can see here and you'll see w/ the rest of the pics there is barely any difference between the damp brush swatch on the left and dry brush swatch on the right in terms of intensity!

Forever Pink

Flashback Silver

Permanent Kaki 
 I hadn't used this colour yet but after the swatch I can't wait - it's so pretty!

Unlimited Sky 
This looks more pale blue in person...but for some reason more grey in the pic

All Night Blue 
This is JUST GOREGOUS...Look at the Colour Intensity!

Purple Obsession

Burning Black 
In person there is a lot more red flecks in it that didn't show up in the picture.  It actually reminds me of Beauty Marked by MAC a lot (I think that's the black one w/ the red flecks)

Hourglass Beige 
Def. the most neutral.  I used this w/ the Forever Pink on a bride this past weekend and it was gorgeous w/ a bit on brown on the outside corner

The only two colours I didn't receive are - Eternal Black and Endless Chocolat and I'm really curious about both colours b/c they are probably the two colours I would use most for msyelf.  Maybe I'll just have to go out and buy them then!


Darcie said...

Thanks for the review! I'll have to check these out!

studio makeup academy said...

Cant wait to pick up some of these. They look great dry! Thanks

Jenn A. said...

Oh wow, the pigmentation on some of those is amazing! would make for some gorgeous smokey eyes.

mavick3nook said...

Wow, the colors are so lovely i like it. Can't wait to have one. Thanks for the reviews.

Britney said...

i love these.. im so glad i found them and got them all. there so pigmented and amazing, please im a new follower and id love for u to follow back britters89.blogspot.com

Ashley said...

Wow... Lovely eyeshadow... I think by this eyeshadow lady's will feel how great to be beautiful.