Sunday, October 2, 2011

Another Beautiful Wedding at The Old Mill

I may or may not have wrote about the fact that I had two weddings in a row at The Old Mill back in Aug.  It's a very popular wedding spot for Toronto couples but it was kind of funny to be going there back to least the second time I knew what to expect from the small, poorly lit "bridal suites" - rooms for brides to get ready if their hotel room isn't available yet.

My second bride from The Old Mill just sent me the pictures from the wedding and I have to say I couldn't be happier w/ how it all turned out!  I saw the whole photo album from the whole night I'm very happy to admit that she looked beautiful and fresh from start to finish (yeah me)! Thanks goes out to the wonderful photography courtesy of David A Pike.

What was interesting about this wedding was that I didn't actually get to do a trial on the bride Diane before the wedding.  I'm not going to lie this is not ideal at all but sometimes it's the way things work out esp. if I'm getting booked sort of last min...and for some reason I do tend to get a lot of last min. brides.  I'm not complaining as long as I get booked I don't really care how far in advance it is but in all honesty a trial is usually helpful not only for me but for the bride as well.

But you know what everything went so smoothly that day and I couldn't have been happier w/ the results for not only Diane but her entire bridal party.  I did the hair and makeup for her Maid of Honour (who later said I gave her her dream hair lol) but also the hair for her sister and the makeup for another bridesmaid.  I even thankfully for everyone had time to fix the mess another hair stylist inflicted on her poor sister-in-law (also a bridesmaid).  Her sister-in-law was coming from Markham and thought it would just be easier to get her hair done up there and I'm not going to hold that against her but I couldn't believe what a "professional" hairstylist did to her hair and let her leave the salon with.  I'm by no means perfect when it comes to hair trust me but I guess I was just really surprised that someone who went to school would do work like that...but then again I've also witnessed some pretty scary work by "professional" makeup artists too lol.  Despite the shit load of hairspray and poor teasing I was able to at least make it look more presentable which made me happy.

Diane and her entire group were such a pleasure to work w/ and her updo was actually a bit different from anything I had done before so w/out a trial or having never met her I'm not going to lie I was a bit nervous but she had gorgeous, thick hair and it actually went quite smoothly and looked beautiful if I do say so myself lol ;)!  Like many of my brides Diane wanted the classic natural bride look and that's just what I gave her.  I put the emphasis on the eyes and used mostly golds and browns to accentuate her lovely golden skin tones.  So thanks again to Diane and her entire wedding party for making this such a wonderful and fun wedding experience!

Diane & her Maid of Honour

Diane w/ a friend - I don't know who the friend is but I was just impressed w/ how well Diane's makeup looked well into the reception lol!

The usual me doing my thing photo!

Really LOVE this photo of the Hair!  Gorgeous Hair Piece too!