Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sneak Peak - Old Hollywood Bride

Here's just a quick sneak peak from a wedding I did on Sunday.  The bride - Megan was so much fun and we hit it off right away at the trial.  Seriously, she was one of those brides where I thought afterward I want to make her my friend lol.

Her whole family was hilarious and I can totally see where her and her sister get their personalities from b/c her mom was just a riot!  One of those upfront, speak it like it is types...totally my type lol!

Megan wanted a very vintage Grace Kelly sort of feel to her makeup.  Soft, elegant and evoking an Old Hollywood sort of feel which totally went w/ her whole dress, fur shrug and gloves.  FYI this was the wedding where I used a couple of the L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows I mentioned in my previous post.  The only thing that bugs me a bit is this pic was taken before I did  her lip at the end...can't wait to see a couple w/ the lip!  Although her natural lip colour actually looks very pretty w/ the whole look and the lip I did isn't that different.

She had the cutest short curly hair that was so much fun to work w/ and just really bring out her natural curl!

Thanks goes out to photographer Kristin Foster for sending over this little sneak peak!  I so can't wait to see the rest!


Janella said...

your bride looks amazing! great work

Darcie said...

awesome job! I am doing a Grace Kelly inspired photo shoot next month, I can't wait!!