Monday, October 24, 2011

Everyday Heroes - Chatelaine Shoot

About a mth and a half ago I mentioned that I did a little shoot for Chatelaine magazine.  Well the new issue is out so I thought I'd share w/ you the pic from that day.

It was actually a really cool and inspiring shoot to work on b/c I got the chance to meet some truly exceptional women who do exceptional things to help the ppl around them.

It was also a really cool shoot b/c I got to work w/ a new photographer - Caitlin Cronenberg - a real up-and-comer and a totally cool girl and Sian Melton, who was the one that introduced me to Caitlin in the first place.

Going Left to Right:

Deborah (wasn't there but in the picture frame) - She opened The Olive Branch for Children, to help the most vulnerable people in rural communities around the world.  Projects include setting up medical clinics, organizing HIV testing and opening kindergartens in remote villages.

Janette - After her daughter died of a rare cancer last year she started Gilllie Beans Fund in her honour.  They've already raised over $26 000.

Sharon - She started Soup Sisters - a foundation that serves over 8000 bowls of homemade soup to women and children in shelters across the country.

Lia - A woman who lives everyday to the fullest.  Was once a homeless teen, now a successful sales executive.  She founded Up with Women to help homeless women and children rebuild their lives.

Emma - A lawyer that created a student-run program to address conflicts in schools that's reduced suspension rates by up to 82%.

Miriam - The oldest of the ladies at 92 but definitely still full of spirit.  Miriam is a holocaust survivor who walks 5 km for Breast Cancer every year, prepares meals for the homeless for Toronto's Out of the Cold program, marches in the Pride Parade and bakes and sells challah bread every week on behalf of a charity that feeds underprivileged children and seniors.

Everyday Heroes Indeed!


Anjali said...

Congratulations!!! Must have been an amazing experience to meet and work with such fabulous women :)

Betty said...

What a awesome group of women for sure! I was honored to be nominated even if I did not win!~~ I am so proud of the each of the ladies here.