Monday, November 28, 2011

PMD Review

A little over a mth ago I received an awesome new product called PMD Personal Microderm to review for this blog!  I was really stoked b/c 1. This looked like a really cool product 2. I'm obsessed w/ trying anything that's going to help my skin look its best! 3. It's been featured on The Doctors & Dr. Oz

So basically if you're wondering this product like the name suggests is a Personal Microdermabrasion Device.  If you're not familiar Microdermabrasion is usually a pricey skin treatment that you get at a dermatologists office or medi spa.  Traditional Microdermabrasion helps treat sun spots, acne, scarring, aging and promotes collagen production and cell renewal.  This is done by using Aluminum Oxide Crystals to clear away dull, dead skin cells.

As well all know going to the dermatologists for treatments can be booth pricey and time consuming that's why it's so cool that there is now an at home device that you can use on your schedule for a fraction of the cost of traditional spa treatments and offers great results.

I'm not going to lie the device isn't super cheap...the entire system which includes several replacement heads (each head lasts approx. 4-5 uses I think) retails for $179 USD but when you compare that to reg. facials or spa microdermabrasion treatments it's a STEAL!  Plus right now the website is holding a Black Friday Sale - 20% off!  Or maybe just put it on  your Xmas List for Santa to bring ;)

I've actually taken awhile to write my review about the product b/c I really wanted to use the product several times for myself and see if there was in fact any results.  I hate when I see reviews and the person has only used the product once...esp. w/ this type of product you need to use it several times before you can really expect any changes and you're only suppose to use it every 5-7 days.

I do see a difference in the texture and evenness of my skin and I do think some of the acne marks on my skin have improved and lessened esp. around the chin/mouth area - I tend to get a lot of discoloration there.  I also find that my skin creams do seem to absorb better into the skin after using it.

After using the device personally I can DEFINITELY give you some advice as to what to expect and what to do and not do.  As mentioned before the device comes w/ several replacement heads - Blue for Sensitive and Green for Medium.  DEFINITELY start w/ the BLUE!  I have a tendency to want results fast and therefore go right for the strong one - DO NOT DO THIS!  Also the device comes w/ two sizes of Heads - The smaller one is for the Face/ The bigger one is for the Body.  There is a sort of vacuum and vibration thing that works in correlation on your skin to give you the microderm results.

There is a video that comes w/ the device - WATCH THE VIDEO!  It will teach you exactly how to use the device and how to clean and take care of it.  This device is strong so you have to be careful - TRUST ME!  It says you can use the bigger head for bigger areas on the face but I have to be honest - I WOULD NOT SUGGEST THIS!  Also, it says in the video to try the product out on your hand at first - DO THIS!  Me being the Know-It-All Makeup Artist I am DID NOT do this and I used the large head on my cheeks at first and I'll admit it - the first time I used the product I got red marks on my cheeks that sort of looked like rug burn (it was completely my own fault).  DO NOT be a Know-It-All like me lol!  This device is strong and can leave marks if not used properly.  I'm not saying this to scare you but just to let you know it's effective and you just have to follow instructions.  Since the first time I used it I've only used the Face head on my face and I've never had any other bad results.

I say it's important to use it on your hand at first b/c there is this sort of suction/vacuum thing that happens when you put it to your skin and you have to move/drag it across the area you are treating quickly.  If you aren't use to the vacuum at first (like I wasn't) you'll have a tendency to not move it smoothly or quickly enough therefore causing the burn effect.  Also don't go over an area on the face more than once.

The only area I unfortunately found the product hard to use was my nose which is a bit disappointing just b/c I'd really like to work on those damn enlarged pores/blackheads there.

So here are some Before & After Results of my Face - I definitely think my skin looks more Even in the After Pics.  Both are w/ No Makeup so sorry to scare you all a bit ;)


AFTER - Fresh From The Shower lol!

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