Monday, November 14, 2011

IMATS 2011 Recap

So IMATS happened in Toronto this past weekend.  For those that don't know it's an International Makeup Trade Show that comes once a year.  For the past couple of years I've worked the Yaby booth w/ creator Liz Yu and fellow makeup/hair artist Ashley Readings.  This year I could only work the Sunday b/c I had a wedding on the Sat. but it was still a great time, I got to meet some great ppl (nice finally meeting you Delia, Roshar & Angie!) and of course do a little shopping!

I'll be honest I really didn't buy that many "exciting" things when it came to makeup this year.  Actually I  know this is sad but I don't buy too many "exciting" makeup products in general anymore :(  These days I find myself mostly just stocking up on supplies and replenishing my kit.

From Yaby I basically just stocked up on some of my fav/popular Powder Foundations, Liquid Foundations, Concealers and Highlighters...the only thing I did get that was "Fun" was some new lipsticks lol!

From Alcone I got my usual big bag of sponges that I try to make last for at least most of the year.  I use to use a lot of sponges while I worked...I'm trying to cut down on this now lol.  I use to always get all my disposables from the booths at IMATS too but now I just get things on ebay...God I LOVE ebay lol!

I of course stocked up on my fav. go to moisturizer - Embryolisse .  It's a makeup artist staple and I've been using it for the past couple of years now.  I also picked up a new moisturizer they have designed specifically for Oily skin (key ingredient being cornstarch) - Emulsion Hydra Matt.  I couldn't resist after Vicki Millar stopped by the booth to tell me about it!

I was also lucky enough to get the LAST newly designed brush cup from MUFE!  My old one has def. seen better days and when I saw Roshar w/ the  new one I knew I had to get it!  At first they thought they were out but at the end of the night they found one misplaced and were nice enough to come find me at the Yaby booth so I could buy it!  So nice of them!  The new one is more rigid then the old one which is great b/c I was having trouble getting the old one to stay standing all the time.  The best part is it's bigger...def. a BIG plus for me!

The other stuff I bought at IMATS this year was Airbrush stuff.  I've been doing airbrush a bit in the last year but I really want to focus in on it a bit more and I def. needed a wider range of foundations and brands b/c previously I only had OCC.  So I bought a couple of Graftobian airbrush foundations (unfortunately they were out of a lot of them so I just got the two colours I use the most in my cream palettes - Vixen & Ingenue).  I also got a starter set of S/B foundation, Adjusters, Primer and Airbrush Cleaner from Temptu b/c again Vicki Millar always raves about it!

One of the things I was most excited about for the show this year was the fact that Roshar was guest speaking for Yaby! Roshar is a huge inspiration to me and you know what so NICE in person!  Seriously, really friendly...sometimes you're let down when  you meet someone you admire in person.  He did an amazing look for the Yaby seminar...I only wish I could have actually seen it!  That's the only downside to working the show is you never get to see any of the amazing seminars that are held!

Liz, Roshar & Demo Model (Don't you just LOVE the new Yaby pic in the back!)

Ashley, Roshar & Myself

Ashley and I tried on the wig from the demo...not our best looks lol!


Yaby Booth - Busy Busy!

Liz had new display tester units designed - So Much Nicer, Cleaner & Easier for EVERYONE!

Ladies Hard At Work Filling Orders!

Overall, the show was a great success IMO and I def. think it was busier this year on Sunday then last year!  I'm also so excited for Liz and to see how the brand is growing in recognition EVERY year!  Hopefully the show will just keep getting bigger and better!


Vicki Millar Makeup Artist said...

LOL at the wigs on you and Ashley! Too funny!!! Great seeing on you Sunday. said...

Saw the wig when you just put it on.. you looked gawwwjus lol

Elaine A (TOBeautyReviews) said...

Gah I can't believe I missed meeting you! I had no idea you were there on Sunday :(

Sexy Sadie said...

Does Yaby ship to Europe?

Jessica Jean Myers - Makeup Artist said...

Sadie - I believe they do ship to Europe but you can also check out this website in Europe that carries the Full Yaby Line I believe