Saturday, November 5, 2011

No Such Thing As "Wedding Season" Anymore!

So today I put another wedding in the books for what has already been IMO a VERY successful "Wedding Season"!  And you know what I've come to realize this year...there really isn't a "Wedding Season" anymore in Toronto.  I'm getting contacted for weddings in Nov, Dec, Jan...mths when you don't think of anyone getting married in Canada.  Sure it's not as busy as say May or June but still it's not like ppl aren't getting married that's for sure!

Right now it's looking like I'll close out this year w/ approx. 45 weddings...up from 20 last year (last year was my first official year doing weddings...still pretty good for a first year I think)!  Next year I'm aiming for 60!  And if you think it's too early to book for next year trust me it's NOT!  I already have SEVERAL weddings booked and confirmed for next year including a couple as far away as Aug!

Today's wedding featured a delightful and sweet bride Jennifer.  This was another wedding where I was just hired for Hair for Jennifer and her bridal party...and if I do say so myself I rocked it ;)  I did Jennifer's trial a couple of mths ago and she was looking for something soft, romantic and reminiscent of a Jane Austen character.  I loved what I did at Jennifer's trial and I'll be perfectly honest I was worried it wouldn't go as well today...thankfully it did and both Jennifer and I felt it looked even better than the trial!  Jennifer is one of those ppl that just has awesome hair!  You curl it, play w/ it, pin it and it still holds it's's just awesome and makes my life so much easier lol!

All her bridesmaids had great hair choices too.  They really understood what worked for them and their hair types which was great.  Sometimes you have ppl that want to do things that in all honesty just doesn't work for their hair type or texture.  Like Jennifer they all wanted something soft w/ curl.  The two w/ the finest hair wanted updos which was great b/c I'll be honest I don't think their hair would have held curl for the entire day/night.  Jennifer's MOH - Jen did a half updo and boy did this girl have A LOT of hair.  Wonderful, thick, dark, long hair!  Took awhile to curl it but once I got that base work in it was a breeze to pin up and create volume just cuz there was so much of it!  Unfortunately, I didn't have time to take snap shots of the bridesmaid's hair but hopefully Jennifer will send me some pics in a couple of mths!

One of the coolest and most interesting things about this wedding was that Jennifer is actually a contestant on Four Weddings Canada on Slice Network!  I LOVE that show!  So kind of cool b/c technically my Hair Work will be featured (and kind of judged) on the show as well lol!  Jennifer is actually the last contestant for her group of 4 so I hope she learned a lot from the other weddings and comes out on top!  She's such a great girl she really deserves it!  Plus I can tell she has a strong sense of her own personal style and would be one of those ppl that brings a lot of personal touches into her wedding which I always think is great!

Here's a couple of pics I quickly snapped of Jennifer's Hair before I left.  Really hope she sends me some pics b/c I know they are going to look amazing!

Before she got changed...obviously lol.  Wish I would have noticed the collar...dammit lol!

Love the should have seen her shoes - AMAZING!

Sorry I don't have a better one of the back...I was in a rush and she was moving lol!


Elizabeth Chang (Skyla Arts) said...

wow~ i'm envious! I want to have that many next year~ but it's tough!

Jenn A. said...

Wow, her hair looks gorgeous! You did an amazing job!