Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holiday Giveaway From VEET!

Hey Everyone!  As you may remember a couple of mths ago I did a review on some awesome hair removal products sent to me by the lovely ppl at Veet!  Well now we've teamed up to give you an awesome giveaway just in time for the Holidays!...Personally I don't care what time of year it is I LOVE free stuff but there is something nice about getting extra free stuff around the holidays lol!

So let's get down to the details!  This one is SUPER exciting b/c I'm giving away $100 worth of product from Veet to 1 LUCKY reader - YES $100!  That's A LOT of product!  What exactly am I giving away you ask - well I'll tell you!

The $100 Giveaway Includes:

- Veet Ready-To-Use strips for Face (Great for short hair & 
   delicate areas)
- Veet Ready-To-Use strips for Face & Bikini
- Veet EasyGrip Ready-To-Use Wax Strips
- Veet Hydro'Restore Cream (Lasts Twice as long as Regular
- Veet High Precision Facial Wax (Comes w/ instructions on     
   how to achieve the perfect brow)
- A Pink Stocking
- A Basket to hold the items

That's A LOT of product and w/ all that you should be able to stay hair and worry free for a LONG time!  Or you know what share the wealth and give your friends some of your winnings tis' the season after all ;)

So HOW do you ENTER you ask?

So upfront there is ONE rule - Sorry this one is ONLY OPEN TO CANADIANS (It's about the cost of shipping b/c there is so much stuff - The ppl at VEET are sending it not me).

Okay so here's how you ENTER!  DO 1 of the Following 3 options below...or do ALL 3 for more chances to win!


1. Tell me an embarrassing hair removal horror story (you know like you were on a date and realized you didn't shave your legs or something like that)

2. Go to Veet.ca and ENTER their $5000 Party Ready Shopping Spree (Yes that's right you can ENTER this contest by trying to WIN another Contest)

3. Tell me YOUR Favourite Veet Product

Please Leave Your Name & Email w/ Your Entry!



Andrea M said...

The first time I ever got my bikini line waxed, I was leaving for Barbados the next day. What I didn't know was that my sunscreen would react horribly with my newly-waxed and very sensitive skin on the first day of my trip. I broke out in a horrible rash all along my bikini line, essentially defeating the entire purpose of waxing, since I spent most of my vacation covered up in an attempt to hide all the red, ugly bumps!

Thanks to you and Veet for the great giveaway :)


Colleen at Forty Something Bride said...

I actually shaved only one legs once, and then left the house wearing a short skirt to attend a business meeting. Talk about self conscious!

Colleen at Forty Something Bride said...

Entered the Veet contest! Thanks for the heads up!

Colleen at Forty Something Bride said...

Love the high precision facial wax!

Andrea M said...

Entered the Veet contest, thanks!


fragileheart said...

It was my first time waxing my legs at home and I had forgotten to do the back of my legs!! Thankfully I don't have very thick hair and I was only hanging out with girlfriends but we were out in public... I'm sure someone else out there noticed... D'oh!

Thanks for having this contest Jess!

Joanna said...

I've never actually used Veet before, but their bikini kit sounds like something fun I'd like to try. So I'm going to say that's my favorite product, 'cause it's the one that intrigues me the most.

ModaMama.blogspot.com (sorry don't want to leave and open email, but you can contact me through the blog)

a. readings said...

My embarrassing shaving story is actually a story of not shaving.

My boyfriend challenged me to see how long I could go without shaving my arm pits. I went six weeks.

It was gross.

And the embarrassing part is that I admitted it online.

Love you jess! You know where to reach me!

a. readings said...

I entered the contest too! woot woot!

a. readings said...

I've haven't tried veet since my teens - but I would love to try the brow wax. Which is pretty ballsy of me because wax has only touched this fine face once before.

But I'd say that would be my fav! I'm also interesed in trying the cream again. That's what I tried in my teens and it's surely come so far since then!

ashley r.

Anonymous said...

The first time I ever shaved my legs was when I was 11 for a school play. I had to use my dad's razor as my parents, being Eastern European and all did not approve of shaving let alone buying me my own razor. The legs looked great but after my parents found out I had to endure a lenghty lecture on how now I will have thicker hair and more of it - being dark haired and all :)


Andrea M said...

I've tried a couple other brands of facial wax, and they have all been pretty much useless unless you want to wax off your entire eyebrow (not my style). But Veet's "high precision" facial wax sounds like it could be awesome. I'd love to give it a try!

Da Soph said...

Last week I went to a salon that shall remain nameless, and received the upper lip wax from Hell. I'm not sure whether I was burned or skinned, but regardless I developped a massive scab which people kept asking about. So much for discretion...

Da Soph said...

My fave product is the hair removal creme. I love having smooth legs and my bf loves it too!

maria said...

It's happened to me twice where i have gone out and i realized i shaved everywhere else but my armpits.


maria said...

I entered their contest.


maria said...

I like the facial wax strips.


Anonymous said...

The first time I tried to wax myself with my mom's professional stuff -- I burned myself. In a not so pleasant area. sigh... Never did it again.

I haven't tried anything from Veet yet so this would be a good start!

woo hoo! hopefully I win.