Friday, June 8, 2012

CountDown Events #FF Interview

I was recently contacted by the very cool blog CountDown Events to do a little interview about me for their weekly #FF Feature.  I have no idea how they found out about me but I was so flattered they would be interested enough to want to do a feature on me in the first place lol!  It's a really cool little concept where they interview artists and fashion ppl and then do little write ups about them w/ their answers and some pics of their work or them out at events...not really sure my answers are "cool" enough for something like that lol.  Literally, I usually try not to edit myself and just write the first thing that comes to my mind...I do it for this blog to btw ;)

I know it sounds weird or like I'm being overly humble or something but seriously anytime anyone wants to do a feature on me, includes me in their blog list or just emails me to say how much they love my work and that I'm an inspiration it makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside lol.

Anyway, if you want to read the interview go here and check it out.  While you're there check out the rest of the blog b/c there's some really cool stuff and ppl in it!


SatsukiMUA said...

Such a nice interview Jessica!

sana said...