Monday, June 11, 2012

Prom Season!...Boy Have The Times Changed!

So not only is wedding season on full swing but it's also prom season too!  I will admit I don't get the chance to do too many prom appts but I usually do a few every year and I always think it's a lot of fun.  I mean it really is one of the only times besides a girl's wedding day that she can/does go all out getting dressed up and doing the Hair/Makeup thing!

Last Fri. I had the pleasure of doing Hair & Makeup for a beautiful girl named Chantel.  She already sent me a few snap shots and can I just say WOW!  I'm a lot older and I don't know if I ever have/will look as sexy as this girl did at her prom lol!  I don't even own or have ever owned a dress that "hot"!

Prom dresses sure have changed A LOT since I went to prom...literally 13 yrs ago...ugghh I feel old lol!  I actually still have my prom dress at my Nana's house.  I LOVED it so much back then.  I actually saw it in Seventeen Magazine and went to Michigan to get it (when you're from Windsor you do a lot of stateside shopping).  For a very brief time circa 1999 the sort of Cinderella prom dresses came back in style...very hard to believe when you see the tight, low cut, body hugging floor length gowns of today's prom girls!  Mine was so cool (for the time) - it was strapless and the top was like a bustier style and it was a dark denim like material w/ a slight silver sparkle (I know this sounds awful but it wasn't THAT bad I swear lol).  The bottom was dark blue crinoline over a silver floor length skirt...overall it was pretty poofy lol.  Btw when I describe it it really does sound awful but I swear it wasn't...or at least it wasn't for the time lol!  But I'll be completely honest overall I think the highlight of my prom was literally my dress..other than that it was pretty fact I went w/ friends and ended up back home at a pretty reasonable was lame :(

Anyway, back to Chantel and her "Prom Look".  This girl has some hair...but she wanted even more hair!  I put in her extensions and curled her entire head w/ a big barrel curling iron to give her that gorgeous and sexy voluminous loose wave look that all the girls love!  I'm sure all of her friends must have been envious!  For the makeup I airbrushed her b/c she was a little worried about her skin and acne but I'll be honest it really wasn't that bad (I've seen way worse on brides and bridesmaids) and the biggest thing here was actually just airbrushing her face darker to match her body since she did a airbrush tan on her body the day before.  She loved how light and natural the airbrush makeup felt.  I did a beautiful bronzy/brown smokey eye w/ black liner and a false lash, some peach/bronze cheeks and a neutral/peach lip - it all looked so good w/ her white dress.  I wanted to make her look glowing and done up w/out being overdone.

So beautiful!

Look at that Hair...and that Back!

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