Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Engagement Shoot With A Gothic Twist!

I'm personally a big fan of engagement shoots for couples for a number of reasons.

1. If you or your fiance aren't comfortable in front of the camera it's a great practice shoot that can help get you comfortable in front of the camera.  It's like a test'll learn you angles, get comfortable and figure out what works best for you so you can get the best pics possible on your wedding day!

2. It allows you and your photographer to start to develop a relationship.  Pictures always come out better when you're comfortable w/ your photographer and the engagement shoot is a great way to get comfortable w/ them and for them to get to know you and how to coach or communicate w/ you.

3. It's just a really fun way to create some memories w/ your fiance that you can cherish forever.  And you as a couple can really put your own personality into it and come up some really cute or cool ideas that showcase what makes you so unique as a couple.

I recently did the makeup & hair for an engagement shoot for one of my upcoming brides Mariam and let me just say it was probably one of the more unique or cool engagement shoots I've been a part of!  Mariam and her fiance both have a love for vampires (think Anne Rice not Twilight) and gothic times so they figured why not do an engagement shoot w/ those themes in mind!  Mariam planned the whole thing down to renting costumes and finding the perfect cemetery to shoot their pics in...yes that's right they did their engagement shoot in a cemetery - told you it was unique!

The pics were shot by one of my fav. wedding photography studios - Mango Studios (Nancy at Mango to be exact) you know if you read this blog I've worked w/ them on a number of weddings and their pics NEVER disappoint!  This shoot also gave me a great opportunity to work w/ Mariam and get a little creative as I did a very smokey eye and some intense lips...looked so good for the shoot!  Can't wait to work w/ her on here wedding b/c I know it's going to be fun!

So check out some of the pics...I think they are very cool!

These guys are such naturals I have no doubt their wedding pictures are going to rock!

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