Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lioness Deluxe SPA'rty!

Last Fri. I had the pleasure of attending the Lioness Deluxe SPA'rty networking event and I have to Lioness Woman's Club  is a community established to bring together entrepreneurial, business and professional women for the purposes of networking, collaborating and socializing - yeah woman power! I must say these women really know how to put together a good event!

This particular event was a "Spa Themed" evening and the dress code called for "Bohemian" sophisticated style - fun!  It was a great turn out and it was fun to see and meet some many other women w/ similar interests and ideas.  The event featured some inspiring speakers and business woman in the community as well as some very yummy yummy food and beverages ...which I of course took full advantage of ;)

Another great thing about the event was there were also a number of vendors and business women present that worked or had companies in the beauty industry...obviously interesting and educational for a beauty professional like myself ;)

I took the chance to walk around the venue and talk to a lot of the booths but I thought I'd share w/ you a couple of my favs!

Wellness Oasis - A company focusing on beauty and home products that are organic, non-toxic, natural and cruelty-free.  I'm especially enjoying my Hawaiian Ruby Guava Perfume Solid that I picked up there for under $10.  Smells so fruity (which I love) and it's tiny enough to fit in my makeup bag and to take it on the go!

DerMedix Laser Clinic - They specialize in laser hair removal, peels, body contouring, acne treatments, microdermabrasion etc. but the thing I actually found the most interesting about them was a makeup product I've never heard about!

Lycogel - a foundation and concealer system that is okay to use on your skin post treatment!  One of the most annoying things about getting skin treatments (esp. for makeup girls like myself) is that you're not suppose to wear any makeup for at least 24 hrs post treatment...well anyone who has had a peel knows that's hard b/c often your face looks like a red tomato and the thing you want to do most is put on some makeup before you go out in public!  Lycogel is a foundation that you can wear immediately post treatment! It helps promote skin repair, reduces pain, great for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, lasts all day, water and transfer resistant, has SPF 30 and a bunch of other benefits!  I don't know about you but this sounds like a pretty cool foundation product that I'd like to try out!

The last booth that really caught my attention was actually this Jewelry booth set up by the Lioness Club themselves.  This isn't even usually something that would necessarily catch my attention at a beauty event but I really liked a lot of their pieces...and I have to admit they are actually IMO really affordable!  You can actually buy them directly from the Lioness website and I definitely suggest checking them out b/c they had some really stunning, statement necklace pieces!

Here's some pics from the event!  Thanks again Lioness Club for reaching out to me for such a fun event!

Perfume Solids - I got the Guava one (pink box) :)


Samya Peri said...

Hi Jessica,

It's really fun to attend events like that where you can meet people sharing the same interest with you. Anyway, the products you've mentioned are great especially the Lycogel. I've used it a few times and it's totally convenient. I love that foundation! :-D

Julia Yohe said...

That SPA'rty is amazing! The Bohemian sophisticated style is really fun. BTW, I've heard about wellness oasis and there are lot of testimonials regarding customer's satisfaction. Are these products available online?