Monday, June 10, 2013

VEET - Get You Skin Ready For Summer GIVEAWAY!

I haven't done a Giveaway in awhile so when the ppl at VEET reached out to me to do a new Giveaway I thought of course I'd LOVE to give my fans and readers some free swag ;)

Although, you wouldn't know it by the weather we've had lately Summer is on it's way (I hope) and that means pulling out the bikinis, short skirts and short...and time to take care of any unwanted body hair that we may have been using this past Winter to keep us warm lol!

So here's the deets - this Giveaway is open to CANADIANS only...sorry my friends from far away...and 1 lucky person will get all this AWESOME stuff mailed to them from the lovely ppl at Veet!

·         VEET Precision Wax and Care (for the face): $16.99
·         VEET Underarm Hair Removal Kit: $8.49
·         VEET Easy-Wax Electrical Roll on Kit (for legs and arms): $29.99
·         VEET Easy-Wax Electrical Roll on Kit refills for arms and legs: $27.98
·         VEET Hydro'Restor Hair Removal Cream (for arms and legs): $16.99
Total value: $100.44

That's enough hair removal products to keep you and your friends hair free-care free ALL Summer long!

I actually had the chance to try a couple of their new products a couple of weeks ago and I can say they are good!

First I tried the Veet Precision Wax & Care (for the face) - Great for eyebrows, chin, lip, side burns...anywhere there's unwanted hair.  The easy to use tube allows for a precise amount of wax exactly where you need it and it comes w/ a precision spatula to make sure you don't get the wax anywhere you don't want.  Plus I really liked that the fabric strips are reusable and it came w/ an aftercare cream which is great b/c the face area can be a little sensitive when it comes to waxing.

Next up was the Veet Underarm Hair Removal Kit.  I personally feel like I have to shave under my arms EVERY day so when a product says it lasts longer than shaving I'm up for trying it out.  You only have to leave the cream on for 5 mins (although I'll be honest I always have to leave it on a
little longer) and don't worry you can put your arms down during those 5 mins...don't have to hold them over your head ;)  Plus the kit comes w/ a spatula to remove the cream and hair and a finishing cream.

So what are you waiting for ENTER NOW!

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Raine Blunk said...

I like the Veet Underarm Hair Removal Kit. Actually, I've used it already and I'm totally satisfied. I don't feel like shaving my under arms anymore. I always feel confident with this product.

Joanna Haughton said...

The waxing - I'm not a fan of creams to be honest.


Most excited to try the facial wax. I would like to find an easier way to do the eyebrows and that looks just right as an applicator tool!!

onesmartcookie said...

Can't wait to use the electric wax thing!! ;)

Tricia said...

Unfortunately the VEET Precision Wax and Care.

mijulin said...

Veet Hair Removal

Julie said...

The electrical roll on kit!