Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bridal Beauties

So I haven't put up any updates about weddings I've done in the past while so I thought now would be a good chance since I just got some pics recently from a couple of my February brides...yes February is still a somewhat popular time to get married believe it or not ;)  Maybe not quite as busy as June...but I still average 3-4 wedding a mth even in the Winter mths.

So here are a couple of my February weddings!

Emily actually happened to get married on the day we had that HUGE snowstorm in Toronto back in Feb...not sure if you all can remember that far back lol!  It was a Fri wedding and even w/ the blizzard outside the door I was so impressed w/ how calm and relaxed Emily was.  Her and her family were such a pleasure to work w/ and I loved the soft bridal hair and makeup that I created for Emily! Pictures courtesy of Carly Wade.

Andrea's wedding was actually the day after Emily's wedding...thankfully the storm and nasty weather had died down by then.  This was actually one of the rare weddings where I got to Just Makeup...not Hair!  That almost never happens...there's lots of weddings where I just do hair but very few where I just have to do makeup!  Andrea was having her wedding at one of my fav venues in the city - The Berkeley Church and I'm very happy to see the renovated the upstairs and put in some proper mirrors, lights and counter space...although I will be honest they still need to work on the outlet situation lol.  Andrea, like Emily was a very relaxed fav type of bride and she wanted a soft makeup look w/ a slight winged liner.  For her bridesmaids she let them wear their own choice of just had to be red and what was fun for me is that they were both willing to do a red lip too (you all know how I love a red lip ;) )!  Being that both their dresses were different and different shades of red I chose a different lip colour for each of them that matched their dress and complimented their features!  Photos courtesy of 360 Photography

I'm always telling ppl to snap shots when I make the bride do the "fish face" for contouring...I think it's funny she actually sent me this pic lol! FYI this does get blended out I don't leave streaks on the face like that of course ;)

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