Friday, June 21, 2013

Racinne - Ultimate Youth Power!

A few wks ago the wonderful ppl at Racinne were nice enough to send me a few products from their really awesome Youth Power line...yes I'm officially at an age (believe it or not) where I actually want to try anti-aging products lol.  Now anyone who knows me or reads this blog knows I like to extensively use a product for a couple of wks before I write a review.  I mean how can I write about an anti-aging line w/out using it for at least 2-3 wks!

The anti-aging line works in a few different ways. It stimulates collagen synthesis and elastin to repair the signs of aging.  It uses ginseng to regain suppleness and cell density and to resist environmental pollutants that cause stress to the skin.  It also uses adenosine to retexturize the skin giving it a healthier glow.

One of the reasons Racinne is at the forefront of biotechnology in the cosmetics industry is due to SH-DP-9, it is a  powerful anti-wrinkle agent, which is one of the main active ingredients in the Ultimate Youth Power Series. Racinne is the very first beauty brand that is using a synthetically created neuropeptide.

What is a neuropeptide? It is a type of hormone that is secreted from your brain when your skin is
injured or burned. The amount of neuropeptides continues to decrease everyday while growing old,
that’s why with age you develop wrinkles and dark spots (pigmentation). There are some
dermatologists' skin care products that are using natural neuropeptides, but they harvest these
neuropeptides from humans, which can be very controversial. Racinne is able to use advance
biotechnology to synthetically create a neuropeptide based on their exact molecular structure, and
no other skin care retail brand is using this technology as of now.

So enough about the technical talk let's move on to talking about the actual products!

One thing I noticed right away was the packaging.  It's very nice and I do like the gold theme of the Youth Power Line.  It does feel and look like a high end product!

Ultimate Youth Power Serum - When it comes to anti-aging products I'm a big fan of serums.  They often say that if you're going to get one anti-aging product make it a serum b/c usually there is a higher concentration of active anti-aging ingredients in the serum as opposed to the creams and lotions.  The serum promises to reduce fine lines, brighten skin, activate collagen regeneration and revitalize skin cells.

I used this product twice a day after cleansing and toning and before my day or night cream.  It goes on very smooth and soft and even though it's a serum it didn't make my skin feel oily or greasy in anyway.  It definitely soaks into the skin well.  I would esp. notice my skin looking softer and fuller in the morning after using it before bed.  I only have one gripe about this product - the wand thing connected to the top.  There is a similar wand in the MUFE HD elixir so I know how it's suppose to work and how the product is suppose to come out of it but I don't know if it's b/c the serum is thicker or what it is but even when I would push the top button to release the serum from inside the wand nothing would come out. So I just had to shake the serum and coat the wand while it was in the bottle and get some that way.  Also just how the bottle is and b/c it's a solid gold I can't tell how much product is left....or how much is really even in the bottle to start w/ which is a bit annoying b/c I'd hate to throw out a bunch of serum just b/c I couldn't tell if it was left in the bottle.

Ultimate Youth Power Eye Serum - Similar to the face serum this product also brightens up dark circles
under the eyes...which is always a big one for a lot of ppl!  Again like the serum I used it twice a day after cleansing and toning.  You could put the applicator right to you skin under the eye and release some of the serum but I would put some on my finger tips and then apply it that way.  I found if I just put the applicator right to the skin too much product would come out and I don't want to waste any serum!

Like the face serum I did feel like the skin under my eyes was well nourished and moisturized!  That's a big area for a lot of ppl when they get older and a serum is a great product to use b/c the skin under our eyes can easily get dehydrated and wrinkly.  By moisturizing and hydrating the skin wrinkles will appear less noticeable and makeup will sit nicer on the skin and not settle into fine lines as much.  It also helps w/ reducing the cakiness that can sometimes appear when we put too much concealer or makeup under the eyes.

The last product from the line I tried was the Ultimate Youth Power Cream.  Unlike the other two products I only used this product at night.  It doesn't have any spf in it so I wanted to stick w/ my reg. day cream for day use.  Also it's a pretty rich moisturizer so I thought it would work better for my skin at night then during the day.  Even though I did find it to be a rich and thick cream I will say it did blend into my skin very well and it didn't leave it feeling greasy or oily even in conjunction w/ the serum.

With all of these products a little goes a long way which is great and I think add to the appeal and feel of it being a more "high end" line.  I'd love for them to re-evaluate the wand for the face serum but other than that I was definitely a fan of the line!  Definitely worth a try!


Nelly Holmen said...

I've been using this product since last month and I'm totally satisfied with it. My wrinkles are slowly disappearing. BTW,the power cream is my favorite. ;-)

Lily Parkes said...

I thought that it's only a rumor for some dermatologist's skin care products harvest neuropeptides from humans. This is very unnatural. Anyway, I'm so interested with Racinne. I would like to try this product. Thanks for this great review.