Sunday, January 3, 2010

Career Related New Year's Resolutions!

I definitely have a few New Year's Resolutions this year (some even beyond the usual lose some weight/exercise more)! Not sure if I'm just being ambitious or if I'm somewhat disappointed w/ the way some things in my career have played out in the last year...maybe a bit of both lol!

Overall, I feel I was on the right track this past year but did get a bit lost in the late Summer/Fall. I have found some things to be frustrating...a big one being not doing more editorial shoots since I got back to Canada. I guess I got spoiled the year before b/c I was doing so many but since I got back to Canada it has proved difficult to get all the pieces together and to actually get the shoots done. I've met a lot of great photographers and have started to develop those relationships and hopefully in the coming year all the pieces will start to fall into place.


1. Start doing more cool editorials and start getting published again...I like seeing my name in print lol!
2. Update my blog more (b/c I'll actually have cool things to update about hopefully lol)
3. Learn how to Airbrush FINALLY...I have the equipment and haven't bothered to learn how to use it yet (no excuse for that one really)
4. Build a Bridal Website separate from my Editorial/Commercial Website (for that matter build my Bridal business)
5. Get going on my Bridal photo shoots I have in the works (to help build my bridal website lol)
6. Improve my Hair Skills to the point that I feel completely comfortable and confident in ANY situation - including doing Bridal Hair (to go along and help w/ that Bridal Business...see a trend here lol)
7. Continue to network w/ and meet more cool photographers, stylists, models etc.

and not related to makeup but of course always important - Workout More, Eat Better and Lose the 15 lbs I've put on since returning to Canada :S


ashley.readings said...

Your list looks a lot like mine! Especially because i put on 15lbs in the last three months!!! No bueno.

Let's get started on that hair asap. Email to follow.


lelo said...

You know what, that's so much like how I feel. I need to get into doing more hair and being more confident about it. and i need to get my bridal clientele up more.

Willa said...

Those are great resolutions!

You inspired me to do so :)

Btw, I got the In Beauty Magazine
It is soooo worth the 50$...!

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