Sunday, January 24, 2010

Braids, Braids, Braids!

So I got the chance to flex my hair skills today on a shoot w/ the very talented Kira Bucca. I had worked w/ Kira once before right before X-mas and we had great chemistry then. She shoots quick - My look changes are quick...we just get our shit done QUICK..but good :)

Unfortunately, I can't show you anything from our last shoot just yet b/c we're waiting for publication but I will tell you about today. Before x-mas I mentioned to Kira that I wanted to do a Braid Story and she was ALL over the idea! FYI Braids are VERY in this Spring/Summer! So basically, we both wanted it to be really pretty, clean makeup w/ slight changes throughout the shoot but the main focus being on the hair.

This is the first shoot I've EVER done where the main focus has been on hair and NOT makeup but I was up for the challenge since a lot of you know one of my BIG New Year's Resolutions has been to get stronger at Hair.

So I met up w/ Ashley for another hair class and Ashley totally helped me w/ the braids. If anyone doesn't already know this Ashley is LITERALLY the Braid QUEEN lol! She's obsessed w/ them. Her lessons helped me A LOT! I also spent a fun Saturday night at home sewing clip in extensions and practicing on my mannequin head.

I was a little nervous heading into this shoot just b/c it's new and so different for me but you know what - IMO I totally ROCKED it! The model Ellen for NEXT was a doll...literally so pretty and GREAT skin - EXACTLY what we were going for! And thankfully her hair had grown a lot since some of her pics on the site.

We ended up doing 6 Looks: Modern Hippy Inspired Braids, Fishtail Braid, Milkmaid Braids, French Braids that made a Bun, A Lot of Little Braids w/ Wind Machine and My FAV - The one I really practiced at and wasn't sure I'd be able to do - The Front French Braid. It was actually way easier on her then my mannequin...guess all that practice helped.

I only have a couple of pics this time...sorry I kind of forgot to take more but they are from The Front French Braid Look...I took them after we were finished shooting that look so sorry for the poor quality.
Can't Wait To See The Finished Product From This One!


ashley.readings said...

oh my god that looks AMAZING!!!

i can't wait to see the finals.


just looking from the pic you posted your braid story is looking very promising!:D great!

karen iwachow said...

wow. that looks awesome!

Bella Chic said...

Oh, LOVE the braids! You've inspired me to try this on my mannequin :)

And thanks for the comment on my blog - and the fact that your blog isn't yet another 'review/tutorial' blog is the reason I love it so much! I think it's a great record of your journey and it's even better for newbies like me to get insights into what a real MUA is like - PLEASE keep it the way it is! xx