Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Zach Hertzman Shoot

So awhile ago I wrote a post entitled My Magic Wand. It was basically me praising the curling Gods for my Cortex Curling Wand and how versatile and quick I find it. Anyway, that day I got to meet Toronto based photographer Zach Hertzman (who oddly enough I found out went to university w/ my brother...small world!).

I'm gonna be real - it was a paid test. Normally on a paid test I do my job and forget about the pics afterword b/c normally I don't usually find the photography in test shots particularly inspiring. But over the past mth or so I've seen pics from that shoot creeping up on Zach's blog and I've been totally blown away by much so that I think I want a couple for my book! Seriously, looking at these pics I would NEVER guess that Shirleyanne is an actress and not really a model - she's a NATURAL and what diversity in LOOKS!

Can't Wait To Work W/ Zach Again!
I think this second one and the last are my Favs!


ashley.readings said...

Amazing stuff babes!

i love it. Especially that last one. The model/actress is gorgeous.

Bella Chic said...

Wow, that's stunning. The second one is immaculate.

*runs off to Google Cortex*