Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Buns Of Steel Bootcamp!

Not makeup related but it does have to do w/ my resolutions that I wrote about a few days ago!

So today I officially started my Buns of Steel Bootcamp (check out the link) and I definitely think it's going to kick my ass into gear and help w/ that lose weight/eat right resolution lol. If anyone out there is like me and watches Bulging Brides or The Last 10 Pds it's what I imagine Tommy Europe to do to those women (and anyone who watches that show knows it gets great results)! Lots of squats, compound exercies, multiple exercise sets w/ minimal rest time...you know the stuff that you HATE while doing but LOVE the results lol!

I saw the postings and ads for it and I thought why don't I give this a try. I'm one of those people that likes variety in my workouts and I like group classes w/ a trainer to push me on (plus I like group classes b/c I'm kind of competitive lol). The trainer Omar is really great and gives a lot of 1 on 1 attention during the class but doesn't call you out or anything in a way that makes you feel stupid or that everyone is now looking at you b/c you're doing stuff wrong, just gives you tips and encouragement to keep going.

Plus he gives a lot of support outside the class too. He has a Facebook Group and you can email him anytime you want and he has a lot of YouTube videos w/ tips and recipes. Also I really like his concept for the meal plan. You know w/ a lot of other plans they give you a meal plan of what you are suppose to eat whether you like it or not. Well Omar let's you email him your food diary and then he'll give suggestions or ideas for better choices. I think that's a lot more effective b/c it's working w/ something you already do. Also Omar is great at managing all his students...I didn't show up on to class on Monday :S and Omar actually emailed to ask where I was...I actually need that accountability sometimes when I know someone will actually notice if I don't show up.

I'm doing the early morning classes...and yes they are EARLY but you know what once I get there and do them I feel great! It makes my day a million times more productive b/c I'm up early and out when normally I wouldn't be out of bed and I find when I have a good start to the day w/ a good workout and breakfast it makes me want to be healthier and eat healthier throughout the rest of the day.

So yeah if you're like me and want to get into shape I highly recommend you check out the website...I'll keep you updated on how it's going!

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