Friday, January 8, 2010

Hair Day!

Yesterday my friend and fellow makeup artist/blogger Ashley Readings and I got together to work on one of our mutual New Years Resolutions - Get Better At Hair!

After yesterday I think we are both in agreement, lots more practice is definitely necessary! I tried to do an updo on her which was a mess to say the least...the main prob was I brushed the curls out, we both think I was suppose to leave them in tack. Lesson learned and that's what's great about these practice harm and no risk. Better to figure it out in my apt. rather then on set right lol!

We've decided to get together once a wk for practice...I might even bring in some friends so we can work on other hair types. Next wk I think we might tackle proper pin curl direction and form...very important w/ learning the basics about how curls lay etc.

I also have 2 wedding style shoots next wk so lots of practice over the next few days for those is definitely in order. Thanks again Ashley for letting me borrow your mannequin head...can't wait till mine gets here (ordered one from Ebay). Fingers crossed and hopefully the hair gods will be w/ me more next wk then they were yesterday that's for sure lol!


lelo said...

that's awesome that you're practicing. i need to practice a lot more as well. i torture my brother's girlfriend's head all the time. lol..

ashley.readings said...

Oh my goodness! Please don't feel bad about the salad. It was a food highlight of my week. hahaha.

Next week we'll rock the hair practice sesh. i'm planning something big and beautiful.

Bella Chic said...

Well done! Hair is one of my resolutions too, and I haven't done anything about it. You've got me interested in the Ebay mannequin heads though - let me know if you like them!