Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oscar Favs

Yeah, yeah I know I'm a day late on this one but I'm sick and stuffy in bed right now so please forgive me.

I swear my fav. part of the Oscars is the pre-show when you get to see all the gorgeous gowns come to life on the stunning actress' that are wearing them that night. There were a lot of stunners this year...and a few misses of course. Really loving the gold and silver trends we were seeing a lot of. So anyway here are a few of my favs.

Oscar Favs

Sandra Bullock - Whose top 10 list was this girl not on...I mean this was her night! Can you believe this woman is 45! I want her genes or I want her Doctor's name!

Cameron Diaz - She wasn't even nominated but boy did she look gorgeous!
Miley Cyrus - Probably one of the biggest shocks to me was how much I LOVED the way she looked! I'm usually not a fan of her "Southern" style but the girl cleaned up nice tonight...and totally age appropriate too!
Helen Mirren - Acting Royalty...talk about aging well this woman apparently has the Fountain of Youth in her backyard. I love that even though she's older she still brings the glam and doesn't go all dowdy or motherly.
Demi Moore - I swear she looks better now then she did 20 yrs ago...how many celebs can say that! Gorgeous Nude colour on the dress - sometimes I find the nude dresses if they aren't the right shade can totally wash a girl out. She did it right!
Last but not least - My Personal Fav for the Night!
Rachel McAdams
- I didn't actually see this dress during the pre-show but when she walked on stage to present it took my breath away. I love colours and the water paint feel to it...it's just so different from everyone else that night. Plus she's Canadian ;) and I love that she just seems so down to earth - like I want to make her my friend and go for coffee lol!
Of course there were a few misses too that night :(
Charlize Theron
- Normally I totally love what she wears and she's seriously one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood...unfortunately not digging the cupcake boobs.
Zoe Saldana - From the waist up not bad...below the waist I don't know what she thinking :S

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