Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some More...Just Because :)


Here's a couple of more shots from the Zach Hertzman shoot that didn't make the cut (Alex the stylist was nice enough to send them to me :) ). I know you're probably thinking geez how many great shots were there lol. I like these ones too but I definitely think he made stronger choices for the submission...can't wait to see what mag pics it up :)

P.S. Apparently someone out there likes my blog b/c I was nominated to be interviewed by . How cool is that...someone actually liking my little old blog enough to mention it lol. Whoever did this Thank You! The interview should be coming out either today or tomorrow I think...I'll keep you guys posted!

1 comment:

Farah said...

um yeah i love you blog!! And your work of course ;)congrats on the nom