Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Vintage Romance Update

So I've seen the pics from the Zach Hertzman shoot a couple of wks may remember I called the shoot "Vintage Romance". He's calling it "Her Secret Garden" which is a good title.

Anyway, I love the pics and I really hope they will be picked up somewhere. It's a tad disappointing though b/c this is a Spring story and a lot of quarterly mags already have their Spring issues out...always have to shoot so far ahead in fashion for it to be marketable. Zach actually contacted Zink Canada and Dress to Kill and they both really liked the story but already had their Spring issues disappointing. If only we had shot it a bit sooner...what I wouldn't give to have my name in Zink (whether it be the Canadian version or not it's a start). I told him since they showed interest maybe we should find out when the deadline for the Summer issue is and put together something for that...fingers crossed that actually happens.

So yeah if you remember correctly I think I mentioned how this loft was very open concept and actually had a toilet and shower right in the middle of the room. Well Zach actually isn't going to use the shots he took w/ the toilet setting. I actually really like these pics but I guess I get where he's coming from that they don't quite mix w/ the rest of the story.

Well anyway, here's two of the pics from that shoot for you guys to get a taste of it. Can't wait to share the whole things w/ you! Click on them to see full size they look so much more impressive!


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Reveriepapillon (Skyla Arts) said...

This is beautiful~~~! I love both titles, and the results are awesome! Thanks for sharing~ ^^