Thursday, June 10, 2010

Guess What I Bought Yesterday!!!

It's that time of year again! That's right IN Beauty - my FAVOURITE magazine for keeping me up to date on all the latest and future hair and makeup trends has just hit stores! For those out of the loop it's basically a magazine that shows in details ALL of the major Hair & Makeup looks for ALL of the major Fashion Shows for Fall/Winter 10. I found it yesterday and apparently it was the FIRST day it was released lol. I got an email earlier in the week from Frank the guy I've been in contact w/ to get the mag consistently over the past yr or so telling me it was coming out this week.

And guess what's easier to find now. Complections Makeup School is now carrying it! The back of this issue also gives a full listing of International Distributors.

All my American friends never fear here's the info:

Around The World Inc.
28 West. 40th St.

Canadians - contact Frank he's the nicest and even started a mailing list to let us know when the mag is expected in stores!

Here's the cover so you know what to look won't be disappointed!!!!
P.S. I promise to write about my amazing weekend working at the Red Bull Air Race as's just been a crazy week...good though - got booked for ANOTHER wedding :)


Naiyana said...

Wow! Thanks for Sharing!
I wonderer if I can get my hands on IN...maybe Amazon...
In the mean time I awarded you the Sylish Blogger Award :)
Check it out!

ashley.readings said...

Oh I need it sooo bad.

But I want to get it and then have silence in my home for three hours so I can look at it uninterrupted.