Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Red Bull Update...Finally!

So I know the Red Bull event was like a wk and a half ago but I wanted to wait until I had pics of the event before I wrote about it. Plus I've been super busy since I've been back...hello wedding business YEAH...and even a male model testing gig w/ Mckenzie James whom I've wanted to work w/ for awhile...he's so much fun (hopefully we'll work together again ;) )!

So yeah back to the Red Bull event! It went it couldn't have gone better! The girls were a HUGE success and there's a very good chance that we'll be asked back next year - $$$. Plus one of the guests really took a liking to the girls and we might be booked for a private party in July :)

So as I believe I mentioned before I had to drive the girls down to Windsor in a minivan...I don't think I mentioned - I haven't driven in quite awhile! Well the driving went really well...even through huge thunderstorms on the first day. GPS actually makes me a confident and much better driver.

The girls were really nice and a pleasure to work w/. Unfortunately, the one was sick almost the entire weekend but all were really sweet. I roomed w/ Mika (the redhead) and she was totally awesome. We got along wonderfully.

So as many of you know Windsor is my hometown but I literally didn't have 1 minute to visit my family. I got up at like 5:30 am to get ready and get the girls ready and went to bed at midnight or later w/ every minute scheduled but it was worth it. The days and nights were filled w/ lots of schmoozing w/ all the guests at the conference. Friday night there was an amazing fine dining dinner and Saturday night there was a great boat cruise w/ dinner and dancing that was so much fun. What was funny w/ the boat cruise was how much responsibility I was given. I was basically in charge of the buses and everyone on them getting to and from Detroit to the boat cruise. The bus drivers were even coming up to me at the end of the night for instructions on what to do next which I found amusing since after all I am just the makeup artist lol. A few of us went out later that night in the Caesars Casino Windsor for a few drinks and some more dancing ;) Both Sat. and Sun. were filled w/ great BBQs and Air Racing. So as you can see in between the working and long hours there as also time for a lot of fun.

Even got to meet (very briefly) the Canadian Red Bull Pilot - Pete McLeod. There was a door prize the first night that included for the winner a limo ride w/ 2 of the girls (Air Champions as we called them) and Bjarni Tryggvason (keynote speaker and one of the first 6 Canadian Astronauts in Space) to the Red Bull Plane Hanger where the winner got to meet Pete McLeod and take a few pictures plus go up in one of the planes and do some tricks and flying w/ a pilot. What an amazing prize!

So w/out dragging on and on here are some pics from the event. You can see how elaborate the costumes and makeup were...not your typical promo model look that's for sure! People everywhere were stopping the girls for pics. Plus the plane pics are pretty cool too!

The Air Champions posing w/ Sandra Pupatello (originally from Windsor). She's the Minister of Economic Development and Trade
The girls w/ our boss - Susan. Amazing woman who really did an amazing job!
Door Prize Winner Jimmy w/ Mika and Danielle in the Limo. I think he likes them lol!
The Air Champions w/ Bjarni, Jimmy and Pete McLeod (Canadian Red Bull Pilot)

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