Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Red Bull Air Race

So a couple of wks ago I got a call for a really unique work opportunity. An opportunity that would take me to my hometown of Windsor, ON for PAID work...that's something I NEVER thought would happen lol! I was contacted to be the Key Artist for the Promo Models for the Ontario Aerospace Commission (OAC) for the Red Bull Air Race.

For those that don't know the Red Bull Air Race is this HUGE international event that happens all over the world in places like New York, Germany, Hungary and Portugal. So the fact that Windsor was chosen for the SECOND year to host this event is a really big deal for the city! In fact they've actually been approved to get it for a THIRD year next yr...totally unheard of (hopefully if the job goes well that means I'll get asked back again too!)

So being that this event is such a huge deal on an International scale I'm pretty excited to be a part of it! I even get my name and bio in the program. I leave on Thurs and come back on Sunday and it's all expenses paid. Get to stay in the Ceasars Casino Windsor which is a really nice hotel, all food and activities are covered plus I get reimbursed for supplies bought...always nice to get some more makeup for the kit ;) Plus I've actually been given more responsibility in coordinating the models for the trip and I'm actually in charge of driving them to and from Windsor (which means more $$$). I'm really hoping this will be a good networking opportunity as there will be a lot of businesses from all over Ontario there and hopefully some know who might need makeup for special events or weddings lol ;)

The costumes and makeup for this event are really quite elaborate and I'll make sure to update you guys on the event w/ pics and details when I get back. These are your traditional promo model outfits and makeup. The concept is Futuristic Flight Attendants and the costumes are these amazing teal body suits w/ these navy jackets and there are boots and little hats too. The outfits have even been fitted w/ lights so they light up. I've only seen sketches so far so I'm super excited to see the finished product tomorrow b/c the sketches were awesome!

For the makeup I got my inspiration from designer Ana Locking's Spring/Summer 09 Runway Show. I wanted to do something that felt futuristic but still made the girls look hot...after they are promo models lol! Plus it needs to be something that I can replicate somewhat quickly b/c I have 5 girls to do. I bought some Make Up For Ever Aqua Liners that I'm dying to try and will hopefully be long lasting for the event b/c it lasts all day plus some amazing false lashes.

Here's some pics of my inspiration!


Fortunate Face said...

What an exciting opportunity for you! Congratulations- this sounds like a dream, and I love the concept! Make sure to post and tell u all about it!I'm TOTALLY jealous-LOL!

lelo said...

That's awesome. If you ever need any help *cough* ask me :) lol