Monday, June 21, 2010

Product Review: MUFE Aqua Liners

For the Red Bull Air Race event my makeup look consisted of a very heavily winged Amy Winehouse style sort of...but hopefully less dirty and slept in lol and it incorporated two colours not just the solid black. Plus a sculpted cheek and nude lip w/ gloss...but the main focus was the eyes w/ the huge winged liner covering the whole lid and ending just near the end of the some wicked cool lashes.

I had 5 girls to make up every morning...this is makeup & hair...and they had to be ready early so that usually meant my day was starting at 6 am (ugh). So 5 girls, elaborate makeup & hair and I can't take all day to do it but it still has to look good b/c well I don't like to put sloppy shit work out there lol.

My biggest concern about this whole thing was this huge winged liner b/c 1. I'm a perfectionist and I like to get things balanced on both sides 2. Winged liners are actually something I struggle w/ a bit...always get that one side good but can't match it to the other. I knew w/ there being 5 girls that I would need something that would allow me to breeze through these girls really fast and hold up to the heat and sweat of working outside all day in spandex body suits, full sleeve jackets and boots.

So w/ this being said it occurred to me that I should get some Make Up For Ever Aqua Liners in the colours I wanted to do the eyes in. I figured it would be much easier to draw a huge winged liner w/ a pencil and colour it in then try to be all perfect w/ eyeshadow and a brush. Plus they are waterproof how can I go wrong! This seriously had to have been one of the smartest investments I've ever made for a job! These babies are insane and totally did the job I needed. I got Silver, Black and Teal and the colours are gorgeous. After I drew in my design and coloured it in w/ the pencil which was sooo easy and saved me sooo much time I then pressed a little bit of shadow over it in the coordinating colour just to give it extra punch. Although I'll say the colours alone were totally powerful. This stuff didn't budge at all...even in the heat and w/ the girls sweating. I didn't have to touch the eyes up once throughout the creasing...nothing!

To give a perfect example about their staying power. One of the models was sick the night of the first day. She went back to her room and puked and passed out in her bed still wearing the makeup (sorry for the grossness lol). Anyway, her roommate said the next day when she saw her the makeup was still totally in place and perfect like I had just applied it! It's sweat, puke and sleep resistant...holy shit that's amazing!

The crazy thing is I've never been much of an eyeliner makeup artist...just one more thing to carry IMO. I've always just used an angled brush and either eyeshadow w/ a transforming gel or some cake liner but I have to say these little babies just might make me a convert for other occasions too!

Seriously, check them out! Side note - the MUFE lashes (Valerie #112) I used were amazing too. Totally big and glam and yet the girls said they were pretty comfortable and light and had no time wearing them the full day...which was like 12 hrs! Sometimes girls have trouble even keeping their eyes open w/ a huge full false lash but no issues here. Plus they were able to easily reuse them the entire 3 days and they still looked like new!


Deborah said...

i was playing around with these the other day and wondered if i should replace my GOSH liners with them. You post does not help! the sound fantastic and the pictures were brilliant!

ashley.readings said...

i need need need these. yes please.