Thursday, October 7, 2010

Exotic Beauty - Sabina

So way back in July I had the pleasure of working w/ this wonderful bride Sabina who was coming in from Colorado for her wedding.  Her parents live in Toronto so she was actually doing two ceremonies.  A traditional Muslim ceremony and reception here in Toronto and a Western wedding ceremony and reception back in Colorado for her husband and his extended family. 

Before my wedding jobs if possible I really like to have a makeup & hair trial for the bride.  Not only for me so that I know exactly what the bride wants and there's no surprises but also for the bride b/c it just makes everything a lot more stressfree b/c everything has been decided and agreed upon...the last thing anyone wants is surprises on the wedding day.

Unfortunately, b/c Sabina was coming from out of town we couldn't do a trial beforehand but I made sure she sent me lots of makeup and hair reference pics of what she was looking for as well as a couple of pictures of her so I could try and piece all the ideas together.  I always like to get pics of my brides before I meet them (even before the trial) just so I can get idea of what they look like and think about how to best incorporate their makeup & hair ideas w/ their faces and features...figure out what areas are best to highlight and also get a look at any areas of concern. 

Sabina is a more natural girl so she really didn't want anything too dramatic or intense like what you see w/ a lot of Hindu or Muslim weddings.  Really I just wanted to highlight her beautiful eyes and lips and giving her great glowing skin!  I find a lot of my brides really want a more natural look and it's great to be able to enhance their features and yet still make them feel comfortable in their own skin and not like they are wearing "a mask" which is often a criticism I hear from them when they speak about getting their makeup done in the past.  During a trial a lot of times I check in and say is the makeup or foundation feeling too heavy for you...almost always they say no ;)

Sabina is gorgeous so my job really wasn't that hard lol.  I was really happy w/ the way everything turned out that day and I thought she looked really lovely...apparently Sabina liked what I did better then the separate hair & makeup ppl that worked on her for her second wedding back in Colorado ;).  She may have been just buttering me up lol...but I'll take it!  She mentioned one of the big deciding factors for choosing me originally was the fact that I offered both Makeup & Hair services b/c apparently in Colorado most don' am I glad I committed myself to getting better at hair this yr.  Seriously, it really has made the difference in my bridal business.  I've said it before but I'll say it again - LEARN HAIR!  It really does make you a million more times marketable...and you know what I'm greedy if I can do the job and keep all the money why not!

So here are a few photos from her wedding courtesy of photographer Brett Gundlock

Btw I have 3 weddings this weekend...wish me luck!

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hanidee said...

I love how fresh the bride looks! Good luck with all the weddings!