Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"I'm Kind Of A Big Deal"...

So today I got an email from a reader asking me I knew I had been named 1 of the top 50 Makeup & Cosmetic Blogs (#30 to be exact) on a certain site b/c I had never mentioned it on this blog.  I, in fact did not know this little tidbit of information but I must say I think it's pretty darn cool and I'm flattered b/c there are some really amazing blogs on the list that I, myself read and love!  So to be included in such an awesome list is pretty cool! 

I also think it's pretty amazing b/c I don't happen to have any giveaways or anything like that on this blog which I know is one of the things that makes a lot of makeup blogs really popular.  On a side note:  If anyone wants to send me stuff to giveaway or test I'd be more then willing to do so b/c I think contests are pretty darn cool too ;)

I'm still surprised sometimes that I even have readers to be honest lol.  I started this blog almost two yrs ago now (wow time flies) and basically it was originally just a way to be able to keep all my friends and family up-to-date on my life in Shanghai w/out sending out a million emails and from there it sort of transformed and evolved into what it is now...and hopefully it will keep evolving and keep getting more exciting and informative as I get bigger and better jobs :)!

My Fav Part was when they said "The most unique posts are the ones that offer personal ponderings and advice for new and aspiring makeup artists - mostly because Jessica's writing style is incredibly transparent and accessible".

I'm assuming when they call my writing style transparent and accessible they basically mean I keep it simple, say it like it is and don't hold back b/c for those of you that don't know me in "real life" that's pretty much how I am and that's how I like to write my blog too.  Definitely, not afraid to speak my mind and give my opinion on what I believe...I mean there's already enough fake bullshit in this industry why add to it lol!

So Thank You again to all my loyal readers...many more updates to come I promise!

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