Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm On A Horse...Farm

Last wk I got the chance to work on a really cool shoot at a really cool location...or two locations actually - 2 Horse Farms!  I was invited into this shoot by one of my fav. stylists Alexandra Loeb.  It was mostly just a male grooming shoot on my part which isn't the most "exciting" thing but you know what it's always good to have some good, clean male grooming shoots in your book.  There were two girls on the shoot too - Danielle and Leah who were so nice and were brought on b/c they know how to ride horses (and the one horse farm was Leah's!)...but the stars were the boys - David P and Riley from Elite.  I've actually worked w/ David before and they were both great and really easy to work with!  The photographer - Jamie Fleck was actually an old highschool classmate of Alex's. 

So the shoot was all the way up in Orangeville and I actually got another chance to practice my driving skills lol.  Jamie lives in the States and her license is expired so I actually drove her dad's car up to the shoot...I'm happy to say there were no accidents and I think I've done more driving in the past 6 mths then I've done in the past 6 yrs...which is sort of scary lol.  The first location was an older less fancy horse farm but the location was beautiful and we couldn't have asked for a better day for weather and temperature.  The second horse farm belonged to Leah (one of the models) and her parents and it's super fancy, large and modern. 

The horses were gorgeous and they added so much to the shoot.  We were so lucky to have a chance to shoot at such great locations.  The day was long but I think it will be worth it...can't wait to see the pics!

Of course here's the usual behind the scenes photos ;)

Me Working On Leah
 Jamie Shooting David
 David & Riley - OMG what a Gorgeous Day!

 Who wouldn't want a roll in the hay w/ these boys ;)?


ashley.readings said...

You're so sassy! though those boys are very pretty....

I went to a horse farm two weeks ago and tonka, brock and I got chased by four horses. Those things are big and scary.

leloartistry.com said...

I got to do a horse shoot this past summer.. was so much fun!