Sunday, October 24, 2010

Feeling Very French!

As I briefly touched on in my last post I'm definitely eating "French", although probably not like a French person who enjoys and savors the rich food and wine they are drinking...I mean I'm enjoying and savoring it like the French but I'm also stuffing it all in my face like a North American...and lots of it lol!  After 3 days definitely feeling the need to lay off the baguettes, cheese and wine for a few days.  In fact I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say I've eaten more baguettes and pastries in the last 3 days then I've eaten in Toronto in the last 3 yrs lol (I don't even typically keep bread in my house). 

Anyway, let's move beyond the food lol...I've done a few other things in Paris inbetween eating lol.  On my first day of course I HAD to go see the Eiffel Tower...I mean isn't that what everyone does on their first full day in Paris?  I got there early in morning and I'm actually really impressed that I got there using the metro from my hostel b/c it's not actually the most convenient location and required some transferring...I probably didn't take the most direct location but I got there nevertheless. 

I know this kind of sounds stupid and I don't know exactly what I was thinking beforehand but the first thing I thought when I got there is "Woah this is bigger than I imagined".  I have no idea how big I thought it was going to be but I know it was bigger then I expected lol.  It was pretty early so the lineups actually weren't that bad.  I considered walking up to the first and second levels but I have this weird fear of stairs and heights...esp. stairs where I can see the ground below me or I'm outside and walking up them so I thought it better to just take the lift up (yes I'm feeling British too ;) ). 

It was the MOST PERFECT day to go to the Eiffel Tower.  Cool, crisp Fall air. Clear, Blue skies w/out a cloud in sight (when I went to the Great Wall of China in Beijing it was equally perfect..but lucky have I been!?!).  Seriously, I couldn't get the smile off my face b/c I just couldn't believe I was there!  I took a bout a million pics on the second level and third level (which is as high as you can go).
Taken from a bridge after I went up it!
 Looking Up!
 View From 2nd Level

 Annoying thing when traveling alone...taking pics of yourself and holding the camera at arms length lol!

After that I met up w/ Steve and Ania at the Palais de Tokyo to get some culture, take in some art and feel smart...or stupid depending on how you feel when you go to a gallery...sometimes I feel a bit stupid like I'm not "getting it" lol.  We had a nice little packed lunch and then went to the exhibit which btw I somehow was able to use my university student card to get a discounted rate (always the thrifty traveler...hell I took a baguette from my free breakfast at the hostel so I had food for lunch yesterday lol)!'s 10 yrs old w/ no expiry date...why I still carry it in my wallet is really a mystery but I think what's shocking is the fact that I can still use it and get away w/ it lol!

Anyway, we all agreed the exhibit was actually a bit disappointing...good thing I only paid a euro w/ my student card for it ;)  Steve's show had it's VIP opening yesterday (which I'll talk more about another time) and I definitely enjoyed that show A LOT more...and not just b/c I'm a proud older sister.  Overall, it just was a much more cohesive show and the curator was really able to bring a lot of different art mediums together in a manner that really strengthened the themes and ideas of the show. 

After the museum we walked to the Arc du Triomphe took a couple of pics and then headed to the Montmartre area in Paris (you know where the Moulin Rouge is).  Very touristy now of course (and apparently sketchy at night) but we walked to through these really pretty cobblestone lanes after walking up a really really long flight of stairs.  We stopped and had a espresso at a cafe and got some crepes off of a vendor.  I got a buerre et sucre crepe (how do you like my french ;) ) which was so yummy but also very messy.  I don't know how much buerre was put in this thing but I literally had to finish it while standing over a garbage b/c it was dripping so much butter...literally I poured some of it out lol!  A gypsy stole the end of my brother's crepe right out of his was funny...sort of...only b/c it wasn't my one touches MY crepe lol!

 View from near the Sacré-Cœur Basilica

 Notre Dame at Night

 Steve and his oysters

After that we went back to Steve & Ania's place to relax and then out to celebrate a belated b-day dinner for me in the Latin Quarter.  I don't remember the name of the restaurant and the food was pretty good...not amazing but good but really it's all about the conversation and company you keep right!  I think for all of us our fav. part of the meal besides the conversation was actually our starters!  Steve had oysters (which he had never had before), Ania had escargot and I had French Onion Soup...all very yummy! 

So busy busy first day indeed!  Yesterday was amazing as well which I will get to in my next post..hint it includes me going to the Official Make Up For Ever Boutique in Paris!

Sorry for the delay in posts...slow internet takes  a lot longer to upload pics ugghh :(

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ashley.readings said...

My heart hurts with envy.

Enjoy every second. There is nothing like Paris and I'm missing it so much right now.

Have a pain au chocolate at Pauls. It's all over the city and if you catch them at the right time, they'll be warm.