Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quickest Brazilian in Town!

So it's officially Summer and you know what that means...patios, drinking, beach time and bathing suits...Eeek! It also means I needed to go for a Brazilian. I decided to try Aroma Wellness Centre & Spa, it's literally a 5 min walk from my apt., it gives a 15% discount on waxing on Tues & Weds and after reading all the glowing reviews about their Brazilian experts I thought I can't go wrong.

So they were able to take me on short notice which was great. I called yesterday and asked if they were available first thing when they opened at 10 am and they said they could squeeze me in. Mary my Esthetician was great. Very friendly and quick w/ the waxing and she told me exactly where to pull and hold to help w/ the resistance and therefore pain. Of course it wasn't pain free...they day they invent a pain free Brazilian I'll be right there front of the line lol. But it was quick - probably under 10 mins which is great b/c if you can't have it pain free you might as well get it over as quick as possible lol. The spa itself is very clean and they don't double dip the wax sticks which is good to know.

What really made the experience great was that I told Mary how last wk I had been there for a facial (they have VERY affordable spa packages) and now I had a couple of cystic like pimples (I have acne prone skin) come up (you know the rock hard painful ones that are under the skin :( ). Mary said she would look at my file to see what the other Esthetician - Alaa had used on my face and then she would use their ultra light therapy treatment on me free of charge :) Basically, it sort of felt like getting little shocks on the affected area. I thought that was great customer service and I'll definitely be going back! Not only for the Brazilians but I'm definitely curious now to try other services...esp. since they are so affordable.

So in total my waxing after tax and w/ the 15% discount came to $31.00 + tip...can't beat that! Plus it was less then 30 mins for me to walk to and from the spa, get the waxing and get the ultra light therapy!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Product Review: MUFE Aqua Liners

For the Red Bull Air Race event my makeup look consisted of a very heavily winged liner...like Amy Winehouse style sort of...but hopefully less dirty and slept in lol and it incorporated two colours not just the solid black. Plus a sculpted cheek and nude lip w/ gloss...but the main focus was the eyes w/ the huge winged liner covering the whole lid and ending just near the end of the brows...plus some wicked cool lashes.

I had 5 girls to make up every morning...this is makeup & hair...and they had to be ready early so that usually meant my day was starting at 6 am (ugh). So 5 girls, elaborate makeup & hair and I can't take all day to do it but it still has to look good b/c well I don't like to put sloppy shit work out there lol.

My biggest concern about this whole thing was this huge winged liner b/c 1. I'm a perfectionist and I like to get things balanced on both sides 2. Winged liners are actually something I struggle w/ a bit...always get that one side good but can't match it to the other. I knew w/ there being 5 girls that I would need something that would allow me to breeze through these girls really fast and hold up to the heat and sweat of working outside all day in spandex body suits, full sleeve jackets and boots.

So w/ this being said it occurred to me that I should get some Make Up For Ever Aqua Liners in the colours I wanted to do the eyes in. I figured it would be much easier to draw a huge winged liner w/ a pencil and colour it in then try to be all perfect w/ eyeshadow and a brush. Plus they are waterproof how can I go wrong! This seriously had to have been one of the smartest investments I've ever made for a job! These babies are insane and totally did the job I needed. I got Silver, Black and Teal and the colours are gorgeous. After I drew in my design and coloured it in w/ the pencil which was sooo easy and saved me sooo much time I then pressed a little bit of shadow over it in the coordinating colour just to give it extra punch. Although I'll say the colours alone were totally powerful. This stuff didn't budge at all...even in the heat and w/ the girls sweating. I didn't have to touch the eyes up once throughout the day...no creasing...nothing!

To give a perfect example about their staying power. One of the models was sick the night of the first day. She went back to her room and puked and passed out in her bed still wearing the makeup (sorry for the grossness lol). Anyway, her roommate said the next day when she saw her the makeup was still totally in place and perfect like I had just applied it! It's sweat, puke and sleep resistant...holy shit that's amazing!

The crazy thing is I've never been much of an eyeliner makeup artist...just one more thing to carry IMO. I've always just used an angled brush and either eyeshadow w/ a transforming gel or some cake liner but I have to say these little babies just might make me a convert for other occasions too!

Seriously, check them out! Side note - the MUFE lashes (Valerie #112) I used were amazing too. Totally big and glam and yet the girls said they were pretty comfortable and light and had no time wearing them the full day...which was like 12 hrs! Sometimes girls have trouble even keeping their eyes open w/ a huge full false lash but no issues here. Plus they were able to easily reuse them the entire 3 days and they still looked like new!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Red Bull Update...Finally!

So I know the Red Bull event was like a wk and a half ago but I wanted to wait until I had pics of the event before I wrote about it. Plus I've been super busy since I've been back...hello wedding business YEAH...and even a male model testing gig w/ Mckenzie James whom I've wanted to work w/ for awhile...he's so much fun (hopefully we'll work together again ;) )!

So yeah back to the Red Bull event! It went wonderfully...like it couldn't have gone better! The girls were a HUGE success and there's a very good chance that we'll be asked back next year - $$$. Plus one of the guests really took a liking to the girls and we might be booked for a private party in July :)

So as I believe I mentioned before I had to drive the girls down to Windsor in a minivan...I don't think I mentioned - I haven't driven in quite awhile! Well the driving went really well...even through huge thunderstorms on the first day. GPS actually makes me a confident and much better driver.

The girls were really nice and a pleasure to work w/. Unfortunately, the one was sick almost the entire weekend but all were really sweet. I roomed w/ Mika (the redhead) and she was totally awesome. We got along wonderfully.

So as many of you know Windsor is my hometown but I literally didn't have 1 minute to visit my family. I got up at like 5:30 am to get ready and get the girls ready and went to bed at midnight or later w/ every minute scheduled but it was worth it. The days and nights were filled w/ lots of schmoozing w/ all the guests at the conference. Friday night there was an amazing fine dining dinner and Saturday night there was a great boat cruise w/ dinner and dancing that was so much fun. What was funny w/ the boat cruise was how much responsibility I was given. I was basically in charge of the buses and everyone on them getting to and from Detroit to the boat cruise. The bus drivers were even coming up to me at the end of the night for instructions on what to do next which I found amusing since after all I am just the makeup artist lol. A few of us went out later that night in the Caesars Casino Windsor for a few drinks and some more dancing ;) Both Sat. and Sun. were filled w/ great BBQs and Air Racing. So as you can see in between the working and long hours there as also time for a lot of fun.

Even got to meet (very briefly) the Canadian Red Bull Pilot - Pete McLeod. There was a door prize the first night that included for the winner a limo ride w/ 2 of the girls (Air Champions as we called them) and Bjarni Tryggvason (keynote speaker and one of the first 6 Canadian Astronauts in Space) to the Red Bull Plane Hanger where the winner got to meet Pete McLeod and take a few pictures plus go up in one of the planes and do some tricks and flying w/ a pilot. What an amazing prize!

So w/out dragging on and on here are some pics from the event. You can see how elaborate the costumes and makeup were...not your typical promo model look that's for sure! People everywhere were stopping the girls for pics. Plus the plane pics are pretty cool too!

The Air Champions posing w/ Sandra Pupatello (originally from Windsor). She's the Minister of Economic Development and Trade
The girls w/ our boss - Susan. Amazing woman who really did an amazing job!
Door Prize Winner Jimmy w/ Mika and Danielle in the Limo. I think he likes them lol!
The Air Champions w/ Bjarni, Jimmy and Pete McLeod (Canadian Red Bull Pilot)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Guess What I Bought Yesterday!!!

It's that time of year again! That's right IN Beauty - my FAVOURITE magazine for keeping me up to date on all the latest and future hair and makeup trends has just hit stores! For those out of the loop it's basically a magazine that shows in details ALL of the major Hair & Makeup looks for ALL of the major Fashion Shows for Fall/Winter 10. I found it yesterday and apparently it was the FIRST day it was released lol. I got an email earlier in the week from Frank the guy I've been in contact w/ to get the mag consistently over the past yr or so telling me it was coming out this week.

And guess what Torontonians...it's easier to find now. Complections Makeup School is now carrying it! The back of this issue also gives a full listing of International Distributors.

All my American friends never fear here's the info:

Around The World Inc.
28 West. 40th St.

Canadians - contact Frank he's the nicest and even started a mailing list to let us know when the mag is expected in stores!

Here's the cover so you know what to look for...you won't be disappointed!!!!
P.S. I promise to write about my amazing weekend working at the Red Bull Air Race as well...it's just been a crazy week...good though - got booked for ANOTHER wedding :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Red Bull Air Race

So a couple of wks ago I got a call for a really unique work opportunity. An opportunity that would take me to my hometown of Windsor, ON for PAID work...that's something I NEVER thought would happen lol! I was contacted to be the Key Artist for the Promo Models for the Ontario Aerospace Commission (OAC) for the Red Bull Air Race.

For those that don't know the Red Bull Air Race is this HUGE international event that happens all over the world in places like New York, Germany, Hungary and Portugal. So the fact that Windsor was chosen for the SECOND year to host this event is a really big deal for the city! In fact they've actually been approved to get it for a THIRD year next yr...totally unheard of (hopefully if the job goes well that means I'll get asked back again too!)

So being that this event is such a huge deal on an International scale I'm pretty excited to be a part of it! I even get my name and bio in the program. I leave on Thurs and come back on Sunday and it's all expenses paid. Get to stay in the Ceasars Casino Windsor which is a really nice hotel, all food and activities are covered plus I get reimbursed for supplies bought...always nice to get some more makeup for the kit ;) Plus I've actually been given more responsibility in coordinating the models for the trip and I'm actually in charge of driving them to and from Windsor (which means more $$$). I'm really hoping this will be a good networking opportunity as there will be a lot of businesses from all over Ontario there and hopefully some wives...you know who might need makeup for special events or weddings lol ;)

The costumes and makeup for this event are really quite elaborate and I'll make sure to update you guys on the event w/ pics and details when I get back. These are your traditional promo model outfits and makeup. The concept is Futuristic Flight Attendants and the costumes are these amazing teal body suits w/ these navy jackets and there are boots and little hats too. The outfits have even been fitted w/ lights so they light up. I've only seen sketches so far so I'm super excited to see the finished product tomorrow b/c the sketches were awesome!

For the makeup I got my inspiration from designer Ana Locking's Spring/Summer 09 Runway Show. I wanted to do something that felt futuristic but still made the girls look hot...after they are promo models lol! Plus it needs to be something that I can replicate somewhat quickly b/c I have 5 girls to do. I bought some Make Up For Ever Aqua Liners that I'm dying to try and will hopefully be long lasting for the event b/c it lasts all day plus some amazing false lashes.

Here's some pics of my inspiration!