Monday, January 31, 2011

Headmistress SS11 Campaign Pics

So the Headmistress SS11 Campaign pics have finally been released and I'm so excited to finally share them w/ you b/c they look SO GOOD!  I saw some of the pics awhile ago but finally seeing them up on the website is just so exciting b/c I'm positive Jillian (the creator) is going to get a lot of attention and publicity for this collection b/c it's so cool and pretty!  Yeah again to Sian Melton for her wonderful photographic talents!

As you may remember we did a whole 60's girls in the country theme and everything just works so well together - location, models, head pieces, makeup & just works!  Hope this is a big hit for Jillian...I have a feeling it will be...apparently some of her pieces have even been picked up by Anthropologie...that's BIG!  Plus she now has two lines - the traditonal Headmistress line and the higher end Love by Headmistress line - both Gorgeous!

 The bouffants turned out so good!
 I LOVE the lip colour, eyelashes and her stare in this pic!

 This is the one featured in Flare Magazine :)

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Elizabeth Chang (Skyla Arts) said...

my favorite is the first one! :D very nice!