Sunday, August 22, 2010

Julia & Julia

After lots of hard work, planning and a few prayers my photoshoot w/ photographer Zach Hertzman FINALLY came together!  We've been trying to get something together now for a couple of mths but things kept getting delayed and postponed for various reasons.  I'm happy things finally worked out and I can't wait to see some pics from the shoot b/c I definitely think it has the potential to be AMAZING :)
We shot in Bronte Park in Oakville which is this awesome location and perfect for our concept.  The concept was a two model shoot - one playing a sort of Fortune Teller character and the other playing a sort of Spirit character.  Sort of a blend of light and dark.  Great concept for me as an artist b/c it allows me to both play w/ an edgy, dark look and a lighter, softer, prettier look all in one shoot. 

We got some amazing models from Elmer Olsen - Julia K & Julia C...very easy to remember their names lol.  We shot some of the story apart and a couple of the outfits together and the girls played off of each other really well.  Both great girls w/ great personalities...esp. since we ran just a couple of hours over our original end time lol. 

I find w/ fashion it almost always happens that we run a bit late...but usually it's not b/c of me lol.  Well I had some big concepts planned (makeup, hair, nails) and even w/ my amazing assistant Cassandra I had NO IDEA my hair concept for Julia K was going to take SOOO LONG!  But I think it will be worth it in the end ;)  Plus we hit some traffic so that put us a bit behind too lol.  But b/c we started late we did miss a HUGE rain storm...I'm sure stylist Alexandra Loeb was thankful for that one since she pulled some amazing pieces as usual...the girl has got connections!  Plus starting late actually ended up giving us some amazing light so maybe it was all meant to be lol!

So as usual here's my fav part...behind the scenes pics!

Me touching up Julia C at the Hot & Humid...definitely wasn't the best for the hair which originally I was going for an Old Hollywood style...but you know me...I made it work ;)
Doing some touch-ups on Julia K...did the Black Lip w/ OCC Lip Tar...amazing product but major touch-ups necessary in that heat!
Love this dress that Alex created perfect for the shoot!
Look into my Crystal Ball...btw I made & shaped those nails myself!
A lot of the accessories were courtesy of Headmistress Accessories...amazing local Toronto designer.  Love this Feather Perfect!  Btw for the hair I did a bunch of techniques - braids, crimping, curls and also this interesting technique involving wrapping hair around hairpins and heating it up to set took forever thanks again Cassandra.  You can see the intricate details of it a lot more in bigger pics.
So that gives you a taste of the shoot...hopefully it leaves you wanting more now ;)


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