Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Day at the Beach...Yes, Even This Time of Year!

Last wk I got a really cool opportunity to work w/ an up and coming pop singer Mackenzie on some new promotional pictures.  It was a great shoot b/c I got to work w/ one of my fav. young photographers Zach Hertzman who I hadn't seen or worked w/ in mths b/c we've both been SO BUSY w/ weddings all Summer.

Zach had developed a concept that had us down by Cherry Beach which is a great location b/c not only does if have the beach area but it also has some really nice wooded areas to shoot pics in.  They had also arranged to have a 1968 vintage motorcycle on set for Mackenzie to pose w/ which was really cool and added a bit of that "rocker edge" lol.

Mackenzie said she was nervous before the shoot but can I just say you'd NEVER know it!  Seriously this girl was such a PRO!  Not only did she take direction great but in all honesty she didn't even need that much!  Plus what a trooper.  It was the end of Nov. and yes, it has been unusually mild in Toronto but it's STILL NOVEMBER therefore it was COLD!  Esp. when you're down by the water w/ all the wind!  I had my winter coat on and I was freezing so I can just imagine how Mackenzie was w/out a coat and everything but she NEVER once complained!

The look we were going for was over all pretty simple but w/ a bit of a dark edge.  Now that I think of it kind of young Chrissy Hines.  Heavy bangs, rocker edge w/ a dark smokey eye.  I didn't want to go too dark w/ the eyes though b/c it was daytime so I opted for more browns/black then straight black or grey/black.  Also used a big full MUFE lash, chiseled those cheekbones and did a nude lip.  Ran the straightener over Mackenzie's hair to give it that really polished straight look...great hair, very thick!

Here's some Behind the Scenes pics from the shoot!  Can't wait to see/hear where Mackenzie's career goes next...hopefully I'll get called on to work w/ her again!

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Darcie Watson said...

Very cool! She kind of reminds me of Zooey Deschanel!