Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Brides, Brides & More Brides

So recently I've been in contact w/ several of my brides and their photographers trying to hunt down some of the pics from their gorgeous weddings back in the Fall.  I LOVE seeing pics after the wedding day.  So rewarding seeing my work on these beautiful women and being part of their special day.  Plus it's great for my website ;)

I thought instead of doing a million (okay like 4) posts w/ different pics of my brides I'd just do 1 post w/ a collection of the pics I've received recently!

Laurel - Photos courtesy of Tyler @ Mango Studios
This wedding was actually on my b-day so you know it's kind of special for me lol!
I did all the Makeup & Ashley Readings my "Other Half" did all the Hair

Love how all the dresses are jewel tones but different!

Jennifer - Photos courtesy of Josh Cornell @ Naomi Studios
You may remember Jennifer for an earlier post.  She is going to be featured as a contestant on Canada's Four Weddings.  I think her episode airs in March.  I hope she wins!  What a fabulous group!
I did all the Hair!

Mona - Photos courtesy of Jenn @ Studio Studios
This was somewhat of a last min booking for me but I'm so glad I got to work w/ both Mona and her Maid of Honour
I did both Makeup & Hair 

Natsuko - Photos courtesy of Jag Photography
I did both the Makeup & Hair for Natsuko and she was so nice!  It was such a pleasure to be able to fit her into my schedule as I remember that was a crazy day where I had two weddings and a trial booked!

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Darcie Watson said...

They all look gorgeous Jessica! Great job as always :) My favorite is the first, I love the subtle winged liner, looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing