Saturday, January 7, 2012

The New Future

Here's the latest shoot brought to you by the fab ppl at Lilogi!  This is the last of the shoot pics on the one day when we knocked out 3 amazing shoots for the website!  But don't worry I'm booked 2 full days next wk w/ Lilogi for 6 - YES 6 upcoming shoots/videos...gonna be 2 REALLY long days lol but I look forward to the challenge b/c I know the rewards will be SO WORTH IT!  Seriously, in like 3 mths I'll have a completely new book!  I'm definitely going to have to go get some more sheets to add to my portfolio b/c I'm already close to the end.

I loved all the shoots that day but I don't know something about this one really made me just go FUCK YEAH!  I'll be honest I didn't actually have a firm concept of what I wanted to do in terms of makeup at first and in fact wiped off what I did part way through and started from scratch b/c I wasn't digging glad I did that b/c this was definitely the right direction to go in.  Maybe that's why I love it so much - I really just developed it on the spot working w/ the model and her features specifically.

The model (Astrid) is actually wearing a black wig but the style so suits her and makes her piercing blue eyes pop even more!  For the makeup I decided to actually keep it somewhat simple.  I lightened the brows and did some gold on the eyes but where the drama came in was w/ the lashes and liner.  I did 2 full sets of lashes on top and also a dramatic corner lash on the bottom w/ lots of black liner and I LOVE  the results!  I wanted her to have flawless skin (which was easy cuz her skin was amazing) and not a lot of colour but some really nice contoured cheekbones.  Again the lips are rather natural - nude layered w/ a bit of gold.  I really went big w/ the nails lol!  I did a LONG tip and we painted them gold and dipped the tips in gold glitter!  The look was all about Gold and coming into the New Year and The New Future!  We wanted to create something that felt very modern and strong and I think we definitely did that.

Photographer Renee Rodenkirchen
Makeup & Hair Jessica Jean Myers
Hair Assistant Jade Truscott

Look Out for the Video from this shoot Tomorrow!


Darcie Watson said...

WOW! that's all I have to say :)

Jay Anne Cosmetics said...

Amazing! Love this look!

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