Friday, January 6, 2012

Goals, Resolutions & Reflections 2012 Edition!

I know it's about a wk after New Years and usually I would have posted this sooner but after a crazy whirlwind Dec. I wanted to take a week off from the blog and just catch up on some things.  Every year I like to reflect on the past year - what I've accomplished, what I still need to work on, how far I've come etc.

I just re-read my post from last year about my Resolutions for the New Year and it really reminds me one of the reasons I love having a blog so much.  It's always so amazing and interesting to me go back and remind myself where I was at that point in my life.  What was going on, how I was feeling, where I saw myself going...all of that.

Last year I had such a sense of renewed optimism and I have to say for the most part I've really carried that through this entire year!  I still feel very optimistic about everything the future holds for me.  In general I think I'm a pretty optimistic person.  Sometimes, this surprises ppl b/c I am very blunt, sometimes harsh and a realist by nature but I'm also very positive and I do believe in striving to be the best you can and continually working towards the future whatever that may hold.

After re-reading last years Resolutions/Goals I think I did pretty well...but you know what I could have def. done better!  Let's talk about what I did well!

I def. accomplished my goals for my Bridal Business and Website!  I built a new bridal website and I think that helped the biz a lot!  My first year doing Bridal I worked on approx. 20 weddings and this year I kicked my goal to double that out of the year end I had worked on approx. 48 weddings I believe!  Plus I already have several booked for this year already!  Last year at this time I had no weddings booked at this time!

I def. made more money!  I won't get into numbers but let's just say I almost doubled what I made last year from Makeup & Hair work!  No I'm not rolling in the $$$ trust me lol!  But that's a HUGE improvement and I did get more commercial/fashion paid work and I def. got more bridal work!  Plus I'm feeling very optimistic that that number will only continue to grow!

I updated my blog more!  And I think overall I was giving some pretty good content so I'm happy about that!  In fact last year I wrote more blog entries than any other year I've had the blog!

I've improved on my Hair Skills a ton!  As you all know I've even done several weddings where I've just done the hair!  Two years ago I never would have dreamed about that!  I do still need to work on the airbrushing though...I got some new airbrush foundations and I think that will make a HUGE difference b/c I was just NOT LOVING the brand I had!

I've def. stepped up and started paying off some of my debt so that makes me REALLY happy b/c anyone who knows me knows I HATE debt!  It took awhile just to catch up on things b/c I'm not going to lie the beg. of last year was really slow at first, plus there was moving to a new place and all the expenses that go along w/ that.  But now I'm on the right track and I'm feeling good!  I do need to start saving though...that's one area I still need to work on!

I've networked w/ more ppl in the biz but again it's an area I need to work on...I'll be honest ppl are surprised by this b/c one on one I'm quite outgoing and even a bit loud but I have a real problem at parties and events going up to ppl I don't know and I have a weird phobia of the phone...I really don't know where I'd be w/out the internet I swear!

I didn't get an agent but you know what I'm not that sad about that wasn't the right time and I did okay on my own...doesn't mean I'm not going to try again this year though ;)

The thing I actually probably didn't stick to the most was the working out and weight loss.  Disappointing I know esp. since I was doing so good at the end of last year!  This is the one thing I'd probably give myself an F on!  In 2010 I was really good about working out!  I was doing Boot Camp, I had a personal trainer at one point, I was going to the gym reg. I don't really know what went wrong on that front in 2011 so I'm not going to make excuses but just say that is def. NOT going to happen this year!  I literally live 1 min from my gym so there are NO EXCUSES!

Okay now on to my GOALS for this YEAR!

1. Travel More!  Traveling is REALLY important to me and that's one area I really neglected last year.  Probably b/c I was busy building my business and trying to catch up on the debt game but I'm going to make it a priority again this year!  The only trip I went on last year was a few days in Las Vegas in Feb...that was almost a year ago...that's not acceptable lol!

2. Learn Moderation in Living! I'm not going to make ABSOLUTES about Eating, Working Out & Weight Loss b/c I think that's a bit of my problem - I'm ALL or NOTHING!  When I'm on I'm on but when I'm off Holy Shit lol!  So this year I want to learn not to beat myself up if I have a bad meal or don't hit the gym 5 days/wk.  Of course I want to loss weight and get in better shape but I need to take baby steps.  I want to drink MORE WATER!  This is something I need to work on...and I actually have to make an effort to drink 8 glasses a day.  I need to take the stairs more...I did this in Shanghai and well it doesn't hurt lol. Eat for hunger not boredom or emotional reasons.

3. Grow My Business EVEN MORE!  I worked on approx. 48 Weddings last year - this year I want AT LEAST 60!  I also want to work on networking and building relationships more so that I can build my Commercial/Fashion business more.  Yes, I love my brides but I also need something to occupy more time during the wk lol!

4. MORE Self Promotion!  I think I'm okay at getting my name out there but I could do better.  This goes along w/ the networking but I want to find more ways to promote myself and "my brand".  Whether it's approaching ppl to do Guest Blog posts, reaching out to brands to collaborate w/ or just meeting new ppl.

5. Debt & Savings! I WILL pay off my Line of Credit this Year!  And I WILL start Saving more aggressively for the Future!  Overall I'll be honest I am pretty good and living within my means and budgeting my money...I'm proud of that b/c there are A LOT of ppl who aren't!

6. Read More!  I know this sounds kind of silly but I really feel like I'm not evolving mentally enough lately and I think it's b/c I'm not reading as much as I use to.  I'm a curious person and I want to start reading more again and just overall keep myself up-to-date on current events and the world around me.  I'm part of what can be a very superficial business and I don't want to let myself become too ill informed or lazy intellectually. I also just feel sometimes like my language and vocabulary skills are going to shit...I only speak one language as it is, it would be nice if I was fluent in it lol!

I think that's a good start there!  Those are all pretty big Goals w/ multiple steps and levels...I'm sure as the year goes on the list will grow and change for me but I'm curious to see next year where I'll be and what will have changed!

Good Luck & Happy Belated New Years to Everyone!  Many New Posts w/ New & Exciting Work to Come!

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