Monday, January 30, 2012

Speed Factor

I hope you guys enjoy seeing my work w/ Lilogi as much as I enjoy showing it b/c there is going to be A LOT more for the next couple of wks!  Literally, it's like I'll have a whole new portfolio to print in a mth the way we keep producing such awesome work!  I know I keep saying it but it really  is fabulous to work w/ a bunch of ppl that can truly collaborate w/ and that respect and get your vision as much as you get theirs and therefore trust you enough to do your own thing!

Here's last week's pics from their Alexander Wang Sports Wear Week!  Such a great shoot and such a gorgeous model!  This was also a lot of fun b/c I got to work w/ my often mentioned Makeup/Hair partner in crime Ashley Readings.  She did the AWESOME hair you are seeing in the pics!  And I know it might be hard to appreciate b/c it looks like just a really smooth sleep high ponytail but you have to understand what she started w/!  Eunique the model has some very gorgeous and BIG natural hair w/ A LOT of curl at the root so Ashley did an AMAZING job in blowing out that hair into the sleek and slick pony you see in the pics!

Photographer Renee Rodenkirchen
Model Eunique (Elmer Olsen)

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