Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Whitening Lightning - Tooth Whitening Review

About a mth ago the great people at Whitening Lightning sent me a new Tooth Whitening product to try out (sorry Whitening Lightning for not doing the review sooner lol).  I used the product for approx. 14 days every night and I have to say I'm IMPRESSED w/ the results!

What makes this whitening product different than a lot of the other ones out on the market is that first off it's a Pen that you twist up and paint the product on  your teeth...much like those brush on lipglosses that you twist up to release product.  The pen is great b/c it's small and convenient - you can throw it in your purse or toiletry bag if you're going away and need to use it while you're gone.  The pen also makes it very easy to apply the product directly to your teeth and you really only need a small amount of the product too.

It's also a lot less messy and less intrusive than those teeth whitening trays or strips that you have to wear for 30 mins at a time.  Just put this on before bed, go to sleep and wake up the next morning w/ whiter teeth...couldn't be easier!  The product remains on your teeth till you brush it off the next day and apparently it's a lot less harsh for your gums then some of the other brands on the market (important if you have sensitive gums).  Although you should still try to avoid getting it on your gums.

There's also no unpleasant taste like w/ a lot of whiteners and one of the biggest pluses for me was that I could use it to remove stains from my teeth bondings (I have a couple of teeth w/ bonding on them and traditional whiteners don't work on them).  They also have a money back guarantee so you can't really go wrong there!

As an added BONUS readers of my blog get a special DISCOUNT if you want to purchase the product - just type in JESSICA70 (all caps) and get 70% off your ENTIRE ORDER!  How cool is that!

To use you just twist up the product and paint it directly on the teeth.  From there just take your hairdryer and blow dry your teeth for approx. 30 secs and that's it!  Apparently, it also helps prevent morning breath...nice added bonus ;)

Here's some Before & After pics of my Teeth...I know not the most attractive pics but hey I think it does show a difference!  It says you can lighten your teeth 7-10 shades...mine weren't that stained but still there's a difference!




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Darcie Watson said...

Wow there is a big difference! Not saying that your teeth were bad before... lol You know what I mean :) I'm going to have to try this stuff! I hate the strips, they take forever like you said, and the taste almost makes me gag! I have to leave my mouth open so they don't slide off, then you end up almost drooling HAHA! This sounds like a much better options. Thanks for sharing!

Diamondclean Rechargeable said...

I have been looking forever to find something like this! Great idea and I must say, it works great.

Anonymous said...

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cheap dental implants said...

This is amazing..great results..your teeth looks very white and bright.The difference is visible in the pics shared by you.I would like to get this product.

Ted Grimmer said...

Wow, what amazing stuff! Everybody can see the result, and I must that add that it’s great! But I do have a gentle reminder: even though you have found that the product can really do wonders, it’s still important to consult with our dentist. They are the ones who know what’s good for our oral health.

Ted Grimmer

edwick said...

One of the most common myths about teeth whitening is that all treatments are equal. In fact, professional whitening services conducted by a dentist tend to be much more effective than typical over-the-counter gels and strips. In fact, even among commercially available treatments there are a wide range of strengths, so not all treatments will have the same whitening effect.

Heather Grace said...

When you buy this kit, does the 3 treatments last 14 days? Or do you use a treatment every night? How does this work with only 3 treatments. How much time in between each one?