Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dairy-Free Love Promo Video

Last week I got the opportunity to re-create my beloved giant beehive and vintage makeup look for my friend Victoria Murdoch for a really cool promo video for her upcoming one woman show Dairy-Free Love!  I was actually a little nervous I wouldn't be able to re-create the epicness of my last beehive for a photo shoot we did a couple of mths ago.  Luckily for me, the hair gods were w/ me and I think I created an even better beehive then the first time!

Here's the promo video...you can even see me for a split second (or my mouth/hands at least).  I was her friend  "Tina" an important character in the show...never actually seen in the show (it's a one woman show after all) but referred to a lot.

Director: Robert Shaw
Makeup & Hair: Jessica Jean Myers
Dawn: Victoria Murdoch

There's also going to be a mini behind the scenes video to come later featuring me at work so stay tuned for that!

Here's a couple of behind the scenes shots from the shoot too!

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