Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I LOVE Showing Off My Brides!

So we are now officially in "Wedding Season"...actually I think it started about mid April (at least for me personally) and that means tons of weddings every mth...sometimes several a wk or two a day!  It's exhausting and a lot of work but so worth it when I see my bride looking and feeling more beautiful than she ever has before.

One of my fav things is actually when my brides (or their photographers) send me pictures after the wedding.  I obviously am not there after they finish getting ready (unless they hire me for the whole day) so it's always a joy to see my work in photos and to see how it held up throughout the day (it of course holds up great btw ;) ).

Today one of my Winter bride's Glenda had her photographer Esther Kelly send me a few pictures and I'm so happy she did b/c they are absolutely gorgeous!  I knew they would be as Glenda is a really beautiful girl.  Esther the photographer is actually a friend of Glenda's and came in from Winnipeg (Glenda's hometown) for the wedding.  I always think it helps a lot when the couple has a connection w/ the photographer or they've already developed a relationship w/ the photographer prior to the wedding either through meetings or an engagement shoot or whatever the situation may be.

Hope you enjoy these pics as I much as I enjoyed the wedding!

Such a Beautiful Shot!

Me at Work!

Great Hair Shot!  Love when photographers actually take a pic or two of the hair!

Happy Couple - Todd & Glenda
Glenda told me Todd was speechless when he saw her for the first could he not be she looks beautiful!


Krystyn J said...

At the beginning of my makeup career, I steered clear of wedding work out fear of the dreaded Bridezilla. Now, I own a company called Bridal Beauty Chicago and me and my partner do an average of 60 weddings per year. And I can honestly say, I LOVE doing weddings. Your bride looks absolutely stunning...I love the soft smokey brown eye you did on her! You're right, working with brides is so gratifying!

Krystyn J

Sophie said...

Wow she looks beautiful!! I love all your work. I have a question though- after your training, school or however you initially started out, how did you get into bridal? did you get more experience first or?

Anonymous said...

Hi as a hairstylist I find myself doing more makeup,I am not professionally trained but can do a good Job. I. Want to take my make up skills to the next level. I am based in Toronto do you have any suggestions for classes?
Thank you Christina