Friday, May 11, 2012

Todd Anthony Tyler - Asia's Next Top Model

I always LOVE to see my friends and family succeed and this is no different.  My old photographer friend Todd Anthony Tyler - yes, the one that gave me my first big break in the biz and the one that invited me to give Shanghai a try so very very long ago (btw May 14 I'll have been back 3 yrs...where the HELL does the time go) is going to be the resident photographer for Asia's Next Top Model!

This is pretty exciting and I think he is BEYOND a perfect fit for the job!  1. He looks great on camera ;) 2. He use to be a model himself and was for 10 yrs before he became a photographer and I think overall it has really helped and influenced his work b/c unlike most photographers he can really know and understand what it's like to be on the other side of the camera and he can bring that knowledge to the show and really help the girls out. 3. He's just a damn good photographer so why not!

Man it's moments like this where I wish I was still back in Shanghai working sometimes!  He's asked me if I'd ever think about coming back and at various times I'll admit I've given it great consideration but it's just SO HARD now!  When I left my career was in a VERY different place - aka I didn't have one lol!  I was brand new and I learned so much I'm more established and I have clients...not so easy just to up and go again!  Esp. b/c it's China...kinda far...not just like I can go for 2 wks do some shoots and come back lol.  If I'm going to do it it's got to be for at least a couple of mths...but and this isn't a bad thing I keep booking work so therefore WHEN would I go!  Ugghh I never thought I'd say I miss it me...but after a couple of years you do get nostalgic plus I've grown so much as an artist I'd LOVE the chance to take my skills and experience there now and really rock some great shit out!

Anyway, here's Todd talking about what he's going to bring to Asia's Next Top Model!  Enjoy ;)

He's coming here at the end of the mth...hopefully we'll get a chance to shoot some stuff on this visit b/c I really miss working w/ him!

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