Wednesday, May 2, 2012

OleHenriksen Micro/Mini Peel System Review

Hope you like reviews b/c I gotta a bunch of exciting ones on the way!  Mother's Day is on the way and what better way to show all the women you love you really care then to get them some luxurious and wonderful products from OleHenriksen.

A few mths ago I got my first taste of this great brand and now I'm here to tell you about their really cool Home Mirco/Mini Peel System.

I'm ALL about scrubs and peels so I was really excited to try this home Micro/Mini Peel system b/c let's be real most of us (me included) don't have the money to be heading to the spa every time we want a good cleansing/peel treatment for our face!  Now there's a treatment you can do in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the cost that offers great results!  Plus think about it...Mother's Day is coming up - you could buy  her ONE spa treatment or for the same cost (or less depending on the spa) you can get her a kit like this which offers 8-10 treatments (I think you could get 10-12's a really generous size).

So here are the deets - it's a 3 step program and you use it once a week!

Step 1 - Almond Polish - Basically just a really good scrub for the face...refines and polishes the skin so that it's then ready for the next step.

Step 2 - Lemon Strip - Now here is where we really get down to business!  You only leave this on by itself for a few mins b/c it is powerful...don't worry the tingle is normal (that's how you know it's working ;) ).  This strip emulates the benefits of an acid peel w/ lactic and glycolic acid leaving  your skin feeling refreshed and refined.

Step 3 - Chamomile Comfort - You actually put this on top of the Lemon Strip and leave it on for an additional 20 mins or so.  This step soothes the skin after Step 2.

I've used this product 3 times now and I definitely feel like it leaves my skin feeling smooth, refreshed and refined...but not burnt or too red like some harsh peel treatments do.  Plus like I said for the price approx $95 USD it's really affordable when you consider you can probably get a dozen treatments out of it...going to a spa is at least $95/visit!  Plus all you have to do is check out the other reviews on the OleHenriksen and see that it was a Chatelaine Beauty Winner to know it's the real deal!

As a bonus I also received Water Jel Unburn Sunburn Relief.  I haven't actually had a chance to use this yet b/c unfortunately Toronto hasn't been seeing the same heat waves it saw in March...therefore no sunburns as of yet lol!  But this product also said it works reg. burns and THAT's something I'm actually REALLY interested in!  I have burnt myself on set numerous occasions w/ hot tools (curling irons, hair dryers etc) so what a great idea to have a product that promotes heat transfer and cools the area and pulls the heat away from the burn!  I'm not really looking forward to getting burnt in the near future but I am curious to use this product next time it happens...and this is me so it's only a matter of time lol!  Definitely thinking I need to make a little bottle of THIS a staple in my kit!

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