Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Amira - Elegant Egyptian Bride

So I'm continuing on my beautiful bridal countdown for the week w/ another amazing bride of mine - Amira. I did Amira's wedding back in June and it was actually one of those rare bookings where I only did the bride's hair and makeup...I don't actually do 1 person bookings that much anymore just b/c I'm too busy.

But I'm so happy I had the chance to work w/ Amira and meet all her friends and family b/c they were really a delight to be around and so happy and excited on the day.  Amira is normally a pretty natural girl but unlike a lot of my brides she actually really wanted to do something a little more dramatic and sophisticated.  Her point of view was if I don't do something like this for my wedding then when will I?  Which I think is a very valid idea and of course even w/ making things a little more "dramatic" I think I was style able to maintain my usual "Jessica style" of keeping the bride true to herself and making her look "like her on her best day" and not someone completely different.

For Amira's makeup I actually did airbrush foundation...which I've been doing A LOT more of this season then seasons past.  I also created a beautiful grey/black smokey eye.  Luminous, glowing skin and a berry lip.  For the hair I did a really gorgeous and smooth side up...you can't really see from the pictures unfortunately but it was actually quite intricate and detailed..unfortunately dark hair doesn't show off the detail as easily as blonde hair does...but it still looks great!

Thank you Amira and Reem Eissa for doing such a beautiful job capturing this beautiful couple!

Hair finishing touches!

I always do eyes before the face...esp. when I'm doing a more dramatic eye

I love when I see pics later in the night and still see everything looking top notch and beautiful!  Plus there were a lot of happy tears from her and everything stayed perfectly!

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